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So, I have been experimenting with different supplements for a few years, and I think I have finally found a few that have worked along with my medication. I will say that the medications I have taken work half way. They mainly keep me from having a manic psychosis which is great, but the voices never went away until about two months ago. Funny thing that I have always forgotten… I am anemic, so I thought one day that iron helps with anemia. I started taking that and it turns out my depression was milder and my energy to do things came back. Great first step until I started realizing a few things in my life was causing my depression. I have taken multiple antidepressants in my life too and NONE have had a lasting effect. I have even tried taking different choline supplements such as alpha gpc, citicoline, lecethin, and others but they make my ocd worse. So, one day I remembered that taurine can help with ticks for tourrettes. It helps with my anxiety completely but the ticks are still there, but the feeling of emotional set back and constant psychosis of people reading my mind doesn’t last for hours anymore. More like 10 to 30 minutes or less than that. I was taking vitaminshoppe’s brand and noticed my dpdr is going away slightly when I take them. So, I looked on the bottle and it said there was pyridoxine in it which I found interesting because I have taken that before and it made me feel overstimulated and weird. So, I try to take a 100mg tablet and the dpdr is just about gone and my depression is away. That didn’t last long though, as most medications and supplements full efficacy doesn’t last but for a few days before they plateau. So, I thought maybe trying different b vitamins would help. I experimented with quite a few of them and have found that thiamine, niacinamide, pyridoxine, and folic acid are helping so far. I feel like I have more energy and I am able to be coherent. Also, the voices are less frequent and is less numbers. I would usually hear from 80 to 600 or more voices in a day and now things are somewhat blissful to know I have my brain back. I have also been taking gou teng/ uncaria rhynchophylla. It works somewhat like abilify but less of a potnent nmda antagonist. So far I am still experimenting but I definitely can say something is working. Could be the b vitamins, could be the antipsychotic effect of the gou teng, but so far I am happy with the results and perseverance of how far I have come along. This was definitely NOT easy. And still, I want to thank everyone who has posted their experience with supplements because without them I could only go by clinical trials on the internet which explains only one aspect out of the millions of others’ experience with them.


I’m glad it’s helping you

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Citcoline improves working memory and also reduces anhedonia. It raises norepinephrine and also creates uridine which in turn increases dopamine receptor density which is the mechanism behind anhedonia reduction ability. It helps with OCD if OCD is caused by poor working memory or dopamine deficiency. If OCD is due to serotonin deficiency then it can worsen it.

Too much of citicoline can worsen depression may its another reason feeling bad on it.