Medicine Working, Not Working?

Hi, I just wanted to ask around here for some possible theories on what happens with me with certain antipsychotics.

I am a person who has heard voices for 7 years, around the clock. I have been desperately trying to medicate this issue for years now.

I have taken Amisulpride, Seroquel and Haldol at regular (average) doses and seen immediate relief for the first 30 minutes (lower volume, voices speaking less frequently) and then after 30 minutes the voice comes back at the same volume and then it stays like that. Typically, then, I do not see any relief any further. So it was just for the first few minutes after taking the pill. In all cases, I only got temporary relief on the FIRST PILL ONLY for that initial 30 minute period.

Any ideas on WHY this may have occurred?

I don’t know. With most of the meds I have tried They worked immediately + then lost that effectiveness within a day. I’ve wondered if my brain readjusts somehow to go back to it’s original state.

I noticed this, too with my mother when she started Prozac without knowing it. She was transformed an hour or two after taking it, but had reverted back within a day or two. Maybe that’s hereditary.

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Very interesting! So you’re like me. I too seriously wondered if my brain adjusts. It’s as if it wants to be doing what it’s doing. Part of me believed my voice in my mind had the ability to manipulate the effects of medicine. This is probably not true.

Just curious, pob…do you hear voices or have you ever medicated this issue successfully? You said you had no luck with most meds, but I assume there could have been some success with other meds.