Drugs are not working

Hello thanks for taking the time to read my post
I have posted here before about hearing people thoughts. I got put into a hospital and the doctor put me on 100mg of Ziprasidone in the morning and 100mg in afternoon. I take the medication with food but the voices are still there. Most of the time there not but when I’m working or doing something stressful they come back. Is there a medication or shot that I could be put on where I won’t hear any voices at all. Its hard to make friends with anyone when you think they are talking bad about you. When really it’s the voices. Please help me. I don’t know which new medication or shot to try that will make it go away.


Geodon is said to be one of the weaker antipsychotics. Almost all the rest have a higher rate of effectiveness.

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How long you been on them?

I been taking them for about 7 months. When I first started taking them they made the voices not as loud and they let me realize that it was all in my head. Now the voices are back especially when I’m around people. Is there any good medication that would make them go away completely

It’s possible that your AP has started to “poop out” on you. Sometimes after being on a AP for a long time they do not work or do not work as well. 7 Months doesn’t sound all that long though.

Anyway, as to which drug you should try…I think you should probably have that discussion with your pdoc. It oftentimes seems like a crapshoot as to which one will work for an individual the best. Seems mostly like trial and error.

I think the best way is to keep seeing doctors and keep trying new things. Get better! :smiley:


I had to try 5 APs before finding one that helped, and it didn’t get rid of the voices. They are nice and no longer insult me or issue commands, and I have 100% insight so I realize beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are just noises and not coming from real people. However I’ve just resigned myself to living with them. Some of us are treatment resistant and no amount of medication will ever stop the voices entirely.

What antipsychotic worked for you?

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Zyprexa. We started at 20 mg and slowly reduced the dose because it was giving me a side effect called akathisia, which makes it very hard to sit still… I’d pace around a lot. When we got down to 7.5mg the akathisia went away. I was on that dose for over a year before deciding to lower it again, to 5.0mg, about 4 months ago. Everything is still going well.

Lots of people gain a ton of weight on Zyprexa though. I only gained about 20 pounds, but some others have reported much higher numbers, so that’s something to watch out for. I should also mention I lost 10 of those 20 pounds when we went from 7.5 down to 5.0.

Okay thanks. I’m going to ask the doctor about it.

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