Supplements vs medications


Over the last 3 months, I’ve been trying some new supplements for my health. Some of them have worked out better than prescription medications.

First was ginkgo. A few months ago, I posted a study where ginkgo was shown to alleviate negative symptoms in a subset of patients with schizophrenia. And I can actually say that it’s worked very well for me. It’s made me much more alert and energized. I’m now showering, cleaning, socializing, and exercising every day. It’s also improved my mood and flat affect.

Next was valerian and magnesium. I initially started taking them for sleep, but found that they were very relaxing. So I’ve started taking them 3 times per day. They work so well on relaxing me that I’ve been able to stop taking clonazepam! Majorly happy about that.

Finally, vitamin D and GABA (an amino acid). I’ve been taking them for insomnia, along with the valerian and magnesium. Again, the combination works better for me than Lunesta. So I’ve been able to stop that med too!

Being on less meds has given me a lot more energy and with less side effects. The supplements are more expensive than my meds, but most definitely worth it for me.

I’m not advocating that anyone stop their prescription meds. But just relaying my experience with alternative treatments.

If you’re interested in any of these supplements, talk to your doctor and do some research before starting!

I hope someone else can benefit from my experience :slight_smile:




This is very good news and I am so glad to get new ideas. Thank you for posting this.


Supplements can be very beneficial. I take total amino acids once every 8-10 days. It helps me with my wondering mind and it lifts my mood, i think there are combinations of suppliments that can treat hallucinations and delusions but pharma. companies will do every thing to their power to lobby all type of negativity. There is a psychiatrist in sacramento, ca. That treats many type of mental illnesses with suppliments, but his 4hrs. Away from i live i cant see him. We need pdocs like him in every city.


I’m glad you’ve found alternative treatments for yourself! I agree that most doctors and pharmaceutical companies don’t have an open mind about non-traditional means of healing.

As a nurse, I’ve always been very skeptical myself. But I just reached a point where my meds were no longer helping me. So I had to open my mind and pursue other methods.

And I’m so glad that I did! I’m going to keep searching for ways to get better. I hope you do too!

Thank you for your positive response!




Hi radmedtech,

Thanks for posting this! It’s very helpful.

I’m thinking of giving ginkgo a try, and I was just wondering what dose of it you take?


Hey @radmedtech I am glad things are working out for you. As far as Ginko goes - if you are talking about Ginko Biloba - I am pretty sure it can worsen or trigger manic episodes in people suffering from bipolar or SZA like me.
Otherwise I would try it. I am looking into a specific Omega 3 prescription medication called VASCEPA - it is a fish oil capsule that does not contain DHA but exclusively EPA which helps more with depression and has significant anti inflammatory effects - glad to hear from you! Dont be such a stranger


How much do those supplements cost?


This is an older post, and I’ve been able to stop taking most of those supplements, so I don’t remember most of their dosages or costs.

But from memory, I believe that I was paying an average of $50 per month total for all of them.

Definitely more expensive than what I was paying for my meds with Medicare Part D, but I felt it was a much healthier alternative for me.




I sometimes wonder if I could make it without med’s if I exercised, cut way down on caffeine, and did transcendental meditation.


I find that coffee tends to make me more anxious and sleep more poorly - so I’d vote for this, and its something I’m trying to do also.


Exercise helps me manage stress, which is known to inflame psychosis.


Exercise helps everyone to manage stress - this is definitely a good thing for us all to try to do. Even if its just to get out and walk for a mile or two a day.


Having 44 years of experience since being diagnosed at age 28,.

I too have found a great benefit to mega vitamin therapy. It allows me to get by on a minimum amount of meds. BUT, I know from my experience, I have tried to go on supplements alone and I relapsed after about 3-4 months.

Magnesium supplements to me are like a wonder drug. If one is deficient in magnesium the individual will recognize the benefit on the first time one tries a supplement. Chelated magnesium to me is the most beneficial form of supplement.

Also, I had an interesting experience when I first took a niacin supplement, my face swelled up for a day or so. One thing I experienced with niacin, it got rid of the bags under my eyes.