Something I don't like is

traffic. It can be challenging.

Hate it. Also loud cars. Loud cars physically hurt me.

me too. I wear my ear plugs while driving. I could never stand the noise otherwise. Plus, there are usually noisy people in the cars with me :slight_smile:

cooked fruit.

blackberries, cherries, peaches, …, who figured such needed cooked and sugared? not i !

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I’ve often likened traffic to being like bugs. When there are a few bugs, it’s okay. They’ll be on their way, and I’ll be on mine. But when they are coming out at you in every direction 360 degrees non stop at every conceivable speed and angle and… I begin to get the feeling of these things are just crawling all over me. Not literally but metaphorically. It’s one reason I don’t like nor need the metros.

And scz adds a crazy variable. Crazy in the moment on the road, and funny afterwards when its all done. We know what I mean. :sweat_smile:

Canning fruit was just a necessity for preserving it.

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yes indeed. i suppose the sugar added fat at a time people could’ve starved.

as far as traffic, i don’t get out much. i rode the crazy coach, so regular people don’t bother me much.

since i haven’t been working, i will pull over or whatever to stay out of the way. as long as i’m not in pain or in a rush, i don’t mind letting those pressed go ahead of me. i feel sorry for people that can’t find enough hours in a day, or that are required to carry too heavy of a load.

some have been aggravated that i make excuses for people for driving or whatever,
but i believe, “if not for the grace of God there go i”.

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