Do you have a love-hate for cars like I do?

So I gave a housemate $5 to clean off my car. She came back with a little bad news. One of the doors wouldn’t shut. That could have been caused by any one of a number of things and I thought as I went out to look at it that I wasn’t guaranteeing I could help any. But love was in my hands and I soon noticed it was just a little snow build up. If I’d been angry, I know I never would have figured it was that simple. Anyway, there’s still a lot of shoveling to do before I can get it out. We’ll do that tomorrow…

Im a walker. I don’t have a car although I do sometimes drive my parents car. I walk the 4km to the city center when I have to.

Yes, I have gone carless in the past. It’s a lot less responsibility.

It’s also a lot more difficult to take care of business. Depends on where you live mainly. When I first moved to this town my car was out of commision and man it was the worst 6 months of my life’s. It took me a while to make arrangements to get another one.

Large fuel guzzlers in the city I have massive problems with. 1. the owners don’t know how to drive them. 2. the owners don’t know how to drive them and 3. the owners don’t know how to drive them.


my mom gave me a truck that is in pretty bad shape but it gets me where I need to go around town and she pays the insurance on it.

no but I have a hate hate relationship with mechanics that rip women off cause they can once my mum was charged over a thousand pounds to have a new clutch put in :rage:

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I haven’t driven a car in a decade and a half. I might get a bicycle, though. They hugely increase the amount of ground a person can cover.

My first car was a '66 Chevy. It cost me $450.00. I’ve had 5 or 6 cars since then but my first car has always been my favorite. I got it when I was 17 and I had a LOT of good times in it. I drove it up to Oakland once to see the Rolling Stones in concert with a friend. And I drove down to Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk a few times. I had it for only 7 months before it was totaled in a wreck.

Were you hurt when you totaled it? I was in a car accident when I was a teen. It affected me.

No I wasn’t hurt. Not even a scratch. And it was the other guys fault.
I was in a different wreck that affected me. It really affected my friend who was driving. He knocked out his two front teeth on the steering wheel. I got whiplash.

I do not have these car troubles, because I do not have an automobile. I take often local buses to go to places in the winter, their schedules are very good. In the past I have never hated or loved any automobile I have had. I like local buses because I often see other people whom I know there. And then if I change from one bus to another within one hour I do not need to pay anything extra.

LOL, how true…one contributing factor among many why I left cities years ago…
Now I deal with people who apparently cannot see the yellow line and often cross it…I mean seriously on country roads they think nothing of driving straddling the center line with part of the car or truck 2 or 3 feet over it, sometimes more…

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Furthermore, I hated this in the cities, along with the big diesel trucks that belched out that putrid black exhaust…Ew…I need CLEAN air and natural smells. that stuff is a ME repellant…I don’t understand how humans can live in it and tolerate it. I never could…
It could get you whether you’re in a car or worse if walking and a bus belches out that noxious fume that envelopes you…

Diesel although smells bad and more smoke was better for the environment then before they went unleaded. I’ve no idea how it ranks now though.

Where I live, I need a car. I’m miles away from town, and my fiance is ten minutes away by car. Right now I’m having some trouble with mine, the wheel bearing is starting to go, hopefully I can get that fixed soon.

Yes, cars can have all kinds of troubles, I remember when I lived in my Mazda 626 in America over two years and then the timing belt broke in Miami Beach and one young man came to help me and we went to one sex shop and purchased women’s underwear and used this to replace the timing belt, well it did not last long and in the next day I had purchase a real timing belt :smile:

This actually worked? I would not think that possible… but I heard someone poured Miller beer in their gas tank when they ran out of gas and the car ran to the gas station…probably what it did was lift the little bit of gas on the bottom enough to reach the pump, but then all that water in the tank…beer is mostly water…couldn’t have been good in the long run. Not enough alcohol…just about 5% in beer for it to combust…now had they dumped Everclear in there it would have been fine…LOL

These worked for a while

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