Anybody using buses to go to places ..?

First my auto broke down and I did not have money to fix it, then my bike broke, which made me to use local buses. Now my bike is fixed, but I have discovered how enjoyable it is to use buses.


I think buses and metro are stressing. Too much ppl. Too much noice. I like being in my car but I do use public transportation every now and then.

I like metros and subways, you see sometimes interesting people there as I did in the subway of Paris in 1988 when I listened people singing and playing Guantanamera.

always use the bus…Id feel a right fool if I wasted €5000 a year on the running costs of a car!

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i like the trains better :slight_smile: x

I’ve tried to use busses and trains. But there’s so many people that it triggers my hallucinations and paranoia.

Now, I walk almost everywhere I need to go. If it’s too far or bad weather, my friend will take me. Very thankful for him.




I don’t mind public transport. I use it for work and shopping.

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Somedays I’m too scattered to drive. But I have to go to work. Other times it’s just too crowded and silly to drive. The busses here are Ok. I don’t mind using them. Our trains are good too.

I like to drive, but there are days that I know I can’t get behind a wheel. If my sis is working or at school, I have to learn to get places by myself.

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Bus doesn’t come around here, the people that live here don’t need them, it makes me sick.

I hardly ever use buses. I used to use a bus occasionally to my mum’s before she died because i knew where to get off. Other routes i don’t know where to get off and am scared of getting lost if i get off at the wrong stop.
I have a great fear of getting lost. It really restricts me.