Something better than BMI?

Is there a better way to see how much weight you need to lose that’s not the BMI scale? I know it’s what doctors use generally, but like, for someone with more than average muscle mass, is there a way to tell how much I need to lose? Without having to go to a specialist?


Waist height index.


Look in the mirror.

That’s not really that reliable for me. I’ve been 80 pounds and still thought I looked huge.

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Well, according to weight to height ratio, I’m in the “take care” category, but close to the “take action” category. But with BMI I’m solidly in the Class 3 morbidly obese category.

With any luck I’ll lose another 50-60 pounds before my birthday in July. Then maybe I won’t be so worried about it.


Here’s an article that goes by body fat percentage.

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I go by my waist size. I’m currently at a 41 inch waist and am a 6 foot tall male. Waist size fluctuates less so there’s less guilt tripping involved than when using the weighing scales.

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I think just follow the BMI,it’s the best usual guide.Unless your a competing athletes or bodybuilder,shouldn’t worry too much

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Read this for more info on other methods:

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I just bought a blue tooth body fat scale that takes 12 different measurements. It is cheaper than I thought it would be.

This should help take a more accurate reading of muscle, fat ratios.

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