Someone broke into my house!

No one was home and they didn’t harm my dog thank god, but they have been in every drawer and everything is a big mess. It’s just so disrespectful to break into someones home, going through my things. It’s supposed to be a safe place, home, now I’m not so sure, and it really doesn’t help my paranoia. Oh and they unwrapped my birthday present from my parents, ruined that surprise. They didn’t steal it though - a gold watch - I don’t get it. They must be unusually stupid.

that would be traumatic for me. I would worry that they would return when I was asleep or something bad. not to worry you. the cowards that broke into your home knew you weren’t home. sorry for that. I hope you can overcome this plight.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I won’t get much sleep tonight.

Sorry that happened. Can your dog sleep with you tonight? Might be a temporary answer to help get some sleep.

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Thanks. I think my brother and I are sleeping in the livingroom with my dog, maybe that will help.

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I know this sound paranoid, but if you really want to make sure that no one comes back in, place large furniture and a bell of some type or an empty bunch of cans on the furniture, so it will make noise if the furniture is being moven.

That sounds like a zombie trap, but it’s a good idea.

hi I think you should report it to the police and not be alone in the house at the moment im sorry this has happened but don’t let it taint you to all humanstc

My husband got ADT home monitoring to keep our son out of the house.

Thanks, I did report it, they’re coming by tomorrow.

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How did they get in?

Through a window, they broke the lock on it.

one morning around 5 a m when it was still dark I sat on the couch in front of the front window to the house, and I heard the screen on the window peel back and I jumped up and beat the blinds once and listened and I heard the prowler pull out of the screen and run off. scared the hell outta’ me. what were they breaking in for when our car and lights were on? scary indeed. nothing to mess with. I would call the police again and ask for advice on what to do tonight.

Maybe you need stronger, better locks?

if the lock is broken on the window if you have a saw you can precisely cut a piece of 1" x 1" wood to put from the top of the moving part of the window to the top of the window? just an idea.

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That would freak me out too, but I don’t think they will come back, not tonight anyway. There has been a series of break-ins in our neighbourhood recently and it has all been at day when no one was home. Besides, now they know there is nothing of big value in my house, so it would be a really dumb move coming back.

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Definitely! I’m changing all of them.