Can’t sleep fretting

I struggle with fear of someone breaking in on a regular basis and hurting me.

Tonight it’s rather bad. I don’t know if leaving a light on could attract people or turning it off could make it seem nobody is home.

I’ve been at my mums house for 3 nights too which could also suggest nobody is still not home.

I heard a cat scream just now.

I live alone.

It’s past midnight. I am unsure of the chances of a break in but I am very worried.


hi, you could find a distraction (like keeping the t.v. open) and take some benzos.


I doubt anyone’s gonna break in. But as far as calming yourself down maybe just play some videogames or something to distract you?

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I have this delusion a lot. I had to install a deadbolt on my bedroom door. Now, I sleep well at night.

Before I installed the deadbolt, I built a nest of pillows in my closet and I would sleep in there when I was paranoid. My reasoning was that a murderer wouldn’t think to look in the closet. They would just see an empty bed and assume nobody was home. It wasn’t super comfortable, but it was at least some sleep.


I managed to fall asleep eventually. But I a, tired today.

The deadbolt is such a good idea. I sleep better at my mums house and I think one reason why is cause there is a lock on the bedroom door. I need to get one here.

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It’s a difficult one that whether to get up and play games cause I might not be able to get back to sleep at all after as its stimulating. So I end up restless in bed. But I eventually did manage to fall asleep.

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Oh yeah that makes sense. Maybe drawing? I know drawing helps me when I’m nervous and cant get things off my mind.


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