Some things about employment and persevering

At my janitor job I make $14.00 an hour for doing the easiest job ever. I get three weeks paid vacation a year, about 8 or 9 days paid sick leave a year, free dental insurance that pays the first $2500 of all my dental procedures a year. My company offers a 401K plan in which they match up to 33 percent of what I put into it myself. I work three days a week and I never have to work two days in a row.

I don’t have to start work until 8:30 am and I get off at 2:30pm with a paid 1/2 hour lunch and a 15 minute break in the morning. I am being defensive of my job here but I occasionally post on here that there are jobs out there that are not typical and which i call “niche jobs”. There are millions of jobs that are typical and no frill jobs. Just jobs you know what to expect. And people go through them and do not succeed at them. (I’m talking about unskilled. jobs).

But I have lucked into several jobs in which on the outside look like any of a thousand other similar typical jobs. I stumble onto jobs where my co-workers are cool, where the work is easy or at least manageable, where there are perks like the restaurant quality cafeteria when I worked at HP. Perks like bosses who love to just take 5 or 10 minutes off often just to sit and talk with you to shoot the breeze. Perks like at my current job where I am on my my own alone working in an office building 80% of the day, just bulls*itting with the soldiers or grabbing a coke almost any time I want from the vending machines situated around the building.

But anyways I’ve just stumbled onto unskilled jobs that I found I liked and I excelled at them. The work suited me or the drive to get there is close or we get off early a lot or we get tasks that are easy and fun. I mean it’s good to have higher goals than being a janitor but at this point in time I’ve found a niche where everything just comes together and I like it. This is why I tell people not to get too discouraged if they are unsuccessful at a job or two. One or two bad experiences in employment are often not representative of all the jobs available. It is possible to do badly at three jobs in a row and get fired but it doesn’t mean that has to be a never ending pattern for the rest of your life.

Your fourth attempt maybe the best job for you ever. I say this because I have lived this. I’ve failed at many jobs. I’ve gotten fired from many jobs and I’ve had a string of jobs in a row where I l only lasted a few days or weeks but went on to succeed at following jobs. I’m tired so I’m going to end this but I hope someone got something out of this.


Thank you. I keep getting jobs and quitting but I have not lost hope. I have an interview in an hour and if I get it, I am going to try even if i lose the disability support benefit… can always quit later… you give me hope… :smiley:


This time u try to stick on your job @anon80629714… thats my 2 cent …!!!

well it’s 6 weeks and i cannot guarantee if i will stick to it lol

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When iz ur interveiw @anon80629714 … good luck for ur job…u will get it i am sure…!!!