Just never give up on yourself

I guess I was just very stubborn and let no one stop me.
A normal person may have given up I failed so many times. But I was just crazy you see.

I think it’s important to work while you go to school. Then if you have to drop a class you can pick up more hours.
Community colleges are more reasonable and you can usually pay for a class or 2 out of your earnings.

There are so many smart a$$ people that breeze through college and have no idea what they want to do. And then they have no job experience.

I did jobs and failed and then learned I didn’t want to do that. But then you learn what you do like. Then ask your boss what classes should I take. Talk to people in a job you would want and ask them how they got there.

It’s hard. It’s impossible. I could never do that. Docs told my parents I would never graduate. But I would say if I don’t try I’m going no where.


I don’t let the fact that I’ve been fired from many jobs and gotten several “F” 's in college stop me. It’s OK. They were temporary setbacks. I have also gotten several “A”;s and worked for years at various different jobs.


yes I have worked tons of different jobs, but thats how ya learn!

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What kind of jobs did you have? My best job was when I was a park ranger for two years. I have worked in many department stores stocking shelves and unloading trucks. Currently I’m a janitor.

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Lets see, worked at a Superstore as a produce clerk 1 year, Worked at Canadian Tire in the sports department (department store) 1 year , General Construction (Summer) ,
Carpenters Helpers (Framing Houses) (1 Year),
Worked in a Barrel Recycling Factory (toughest and most toxic job I ever worked) Unloaded burning hot barrells from a conveyor belt after they come out of a furnace and stacking them into a semi truck trailer when its 35 Celsius outside (imagine how hot it is in a tunnel where a firey furnace is!) ,

Picked Blueberries for 10 hours a day making like 50 bucks a day for 3 weeks in the summer

Forming Construction (got fired in 1 week)

(Gutter Cleaning/ Window Cleaning/ Power Washing employee 1.5 years

worked for 2 other gutter /window/ power washing companies , one for 8 months and 1 for 2 months.

and Now my own business for going on 4 years now - Gutter Cleaning / Roof Cleaning / Window Cleaning / Power Washing Company

Remember that no matter how abject you are you can always make a contribution.

Lots of manual labor I see. Good employment history. I tried framing houses years ago. I quit after a week. It’s hard work.

yeah, framing is tough and pretty dangerous,

I also was starting to get into acting for tv and film 5 years ago I had an agent was getting auditions, did a couple small roles took acting classes. but that plan is on the back burner for now lol.

Did you get a role on TV or in a movie?

Well, hey, that’s more than most people have done.

it was fun, when i was 17 , I was at the beach with a friend, I saw these big cameras at the beach and I went over there and asked if I could be on the news , and there like no no, Actually we are filming a commercial,
then they asked if me and my friend wanted to try out, and we got the part! it was funny. We were 2 surfer dudes saying “ITs Awesome!” for a tech sales company . that was the first thing i ever did

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