All the support from you guys

Thanks to everybody who gave me ‘likes’ on my thread on being at my job for 5 years. It’s extremely encouraging and made me feel good. I always say to you potential workers : I have often found my ‘niche’ in jobs. Where it just clicks and my co-workers are relatively cool, the actual day to day work is not hard, and it’s tolerable and good for me. That’s how I have worked for so long. I take any job offered. Sometimes I am highly successful at it. Often I get fired. But jobs are like finding girls: “There is always a new one coming along”. But there are jobs out there, you find that niche and give it everything you got. If you get fired? Well, “Se la Vive”. For the rest of your life you can say,“Well, I tried. But it didn’t work out”. But I tried".



I’m very happy for your accomplishment!