Some suspicious guy came to my front door

Some guy who claimed to be an exterminator rang my front door bell today when I was home alone with my disabled mother.
He was aggressive and said he was in the neighborhood and wanted to check my house and property for bugs.

No ID, no company name.

I basically told him that we didn’t call for an exterminator and loudly said no thanks and slammed the door on him.

I was seconds away from calling the cops.

He then proceeded to walk to my neighbors house.

I don’t know if this guy was legitimate but all I know is that I’m placing cameras all around my house.

I’m also going to get a big guard dog soon.

I’m proud of myself for standing up to this guy.


Sounds suspicious to me too.

No name tag, no company logo,

That’s weird.

I proud of you for standing up to him too.


Good for you for standing up for yourself. Sounds a little fishy to me. :fish::fish::fish:

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Thanks @anon54386108

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Thanks @GrayBear, yeah very fishy.

Yes, good job wave.

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Thanks @everhopeful.

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If it was someone in a clown outfit that was me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: no we get people come to our door and I don’t like it especially when hubby is at work and it’s just me and the kids.

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I’d call the police on the non emergency line and let them know what happened. Other people might have called, or you could be the first and now they know to look for the guy. You could prevent harm from coming to someone else.

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Totally sketchy and you did the right thing.

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You should go to the neighbors house and ask them about it.


Where was his car? Company logo on his car?

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Where are you @Wave?

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Thanks guys, I may talk to the neighbors and warn them, I don’t think they were home during the time.

There was no truck or vehicle with a logo.

He came on foot.

If I see him around here again I’m calling the cops.

He was probably just desperate for work. May just work for himself and it isnt really a company. That’s why he didnt bother with id or company name.

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I usually dont answer the door unless I’m expecting someone.

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Maybe you could invest in one of those signs and post it. No solicitation. Maybe it would work.

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