Some people you can't look straight in the eye

As a young child at the age of seven I had a stroke he left one eye that was in the wrong position it took two and a half years of therapy and muscle exercises to get it correctly conform itself to the other eye now that my eyes have matched each other and are correct I find it hard to look into other people’s eye when they do not have straight vision I get a laugh out of it although that is vain coming from someone who has had the condition himself but some people you just can’t look them straight in the eye

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Like some other people have mentioned this on the forum, I sometimes am too self conscious of my eyes. I deliberately try to make eye contact on some occasions. Maybe I come off as staring. I don’t know. I am too conscious of my eyes. In my youth it was an automatic thing that I did not think about. This is the way it should be instead of an effort to try to do it right. Oh well, it is what it is.

You know brownie when I was young I was told by the Indian gods people not to stare into people’s eyes you’d steal their soul in my life I find that indirectly for I have been in front of cameras where you look into the eyes of billions of people I’ve never know them the fact is is if you want something you’d stare at it or have curiosity in it you’re in fixed in it I was seeing with your eyes you’re able to tell whether it is true in reality so I forgive other people for staring easily in the fact that they have to find out for themselves what reality is so it does not bother me in the least

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