Eye contact

Who has been able to change themselves in that regard? I am sort of disappointed that I can not handle intensity. I can not withstand it for very long. It takes internally a lot out of me and when I focus on it I can not listen or speak at the same time.

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Same here. Is this consistent with schizo or is this a separate problem?

Over time as schizophrenia emerged I began to avoid essentially all eye contact with people. Family, friend, stranger. I might engage in conversation but look everywhere else except directly at the persons face.

Its sort of a measure of your place in the hierarchie, do you agree?
I don’t think it has much to do with schizophrenia. During psychosis faces and eyes looked sometimes different.

I’m ex military. I have the trained ability to look anyone in the eye longer than they can hold the eye contact themselves most times, under dire circumstances even. I avoid eye contact to prevent humans from interferring with or corrupting my thoughts, or causing me harm through other means which originates from eye contact. I think schizophrenia is an individualized experience and although many people share many symptoms, they are often for different reasons amongst the individual.

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Do you think its more difficult to have eye contact with woman or men?
I never understood the word icebreaker, but sometimes people look at you very cold.

The eye contact problem exists mainly for the autistic spectrum primarily, however, the more thought you put into it the more self aware of it one becomes.

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Also one thing people do is turning around sometimes. They don’t just move their head in the other direction but turn around completely.

It could be that or could it also be schizophrenia if it is from an early age? I think my case is the latter.

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I think it could either be Autism or it could be Schizophrenia.

I don’t like to think of it as something I can not do.

Yeah that would be a completely different perspective when the other person looks away.
One time when I was psychotic I had a thought about the moon and then I had this enlightened open feeling any my eyes opened more than normal and when I walked around I looked at this man and he looked away kind of in panic almost.

I wish I was as good at eye contact as I am with pelvis contact.

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