Problems looking into the eyes

I’ve great problems looking other people into the eyes, when chatting. How about you?

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Even non mentally ill ppl sometimes have this issue.

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Same here as well I tend to looking to look at their shoulders or their feet. Good luck trying to find a different way.

I Almost Look Through People

Locking into Peoples Eyes Freak Me Out (It’s Too Much)

Like I Can See Inside Their Soul

And I Am Not Interested

Yes I have trouble making eye contact

It’s too distracting and sometimes I believe the others can read my mind when I look into their eyes.

yes it is a symptom of losing touch with the reality

The global untrustyness doesn’t make this phenomenon better, as our dignity doesn’t seem to work for our own good. Lots and lots people suffer from this and indeed, not just us the Schizophrenics.

I don’t look people in the eyes. :carrot::carrot::carrot:

Maynard!. ‘Let The Rabbits Wear Glasses’!.~ T00L

I dont look at people in the eyes because i think they can read my mind!


I never did before but from the last two episodes it is starting to be a problem…

When people talk to me, I look at their mouths

Perhaps a good tactic.

Sometimes I have no problem and other times I do. I try to look at their general facial area or nose.

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Hi zombie I can’t access my bookmarks do you know why this could be? It sez they are private

On the site? I don’t know why. Sorry.

I remember having a real hard time making eye contact with the psychiatrist at the psych hospital.
I guess it’s a real problem when I’m psychotic.

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So who thinks he/she’s not able to look into the eyes, because you can’t control your system in the way you desire. Even if you’re also partly shy, you are not allowed to be leading your own mind that much of anymore. Finding your right frequency isn’t possible in a total way anymore?

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is it solved now? i find that sometimes when i am “normal” ican finally look into others and realized people looking at me and the fact that i finally realized that people are looking at me make me feel a bit scared but i am more into the real world and more “normal” imo

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Doing this might be a little disrespectful.

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