Some people are kinder than I think

I shouldn’t assume people are going to give me a bad time.

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I’m the type of person who usually gives another the benefit of the doubt. And if I get screwed over, I generally don’t retaliate…I just never talk to them again.


Never speaking to someone again is a form of retaliation called rejection.

I think I’m kind, some people will take advantage of you mistaking it for a weakness

I do the same. Don’t retaliate, just ignore. It’s more self defense.

Yeah people are definitely kinder. You never know what you’re going to get.


Those look like something the Germans would give to Jews and gypsies to lure them into concentration camps.

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I am a kind person, but with experience I have found sometimes it is a waste of time, and even worse it gets misinterpreted as something bad.

I realize I need to have a hard shell as I got older.

Don’t we have to adopted the attitude that we can’t trust everybody? That makes the hard shell necessary but it can be shed when we find someone we can trust or someone of like experiences.