Some people are nice

I went to the store and got some food. I also purchased one candy and left the store after putting these into my Swiss army military bag. I was already outside, when something came to my mind. I had forgotten to take candy I had paid. When I turned around there was an older man who brought this candy to me when I was already outside. He had noticed that I did not remember to take the candy. Some people are very nice.

Yes, some people are nice. I feel kind of bad because I’m somewhere on the border of nice and not nice.

Curious - what kind of candy?

A small salmiak candy.

I am sometimes forgetful, which is why I must. for example, check that some kitchen utilities are turned off before I go anywhere, sometimes it drives me crazy when I do this checking over five times.

here is the story of a woman who restored my faith in humanity. i was homeless asleep in a sleeping bag with my ex a woman walked by and gave my boyfriend a number we went there but we went to the wrong place i phoned her she payed 60 pouns for a taxi to the riht place she put us up in her house for 2 weeks whilst she went away she took us shopping and then onto a farm hippy commune where they gave me a place to live. she was one of a kind and is like that with nearly everyone she meets in her life!


I used to believe that people were either all good or all bad. I am now just realizing that there a lot of grey areas to people. There is good and bad in everyone, the key is to ignore the bad and focus on the good qualities

Plus it’s hard to tell what’s underneath the persona. I was working with a lady who used to scare me a bit with her no nonsense attitude and lack of humor. I had no idea until recently she was the biggest contributer to the new children’s play center and a huge force on the States social justice counsel.

My Mom is a high school math teacher and she Can come off as a bit of a dragon lady. She can scare people easily. People say she’s very hard core terrifying, but she has all the time in the world for a student who honestly tries.

She’s never turned her back on anyone in need of help. She helps as many people as she can, she’s just not “Good Witch Glenda” when she does it.