I must ooze naivety and innocence to these people

Lesson learned again…

Everything seemed like it was going just fine until well, it didn’t.

Perhaps it’s the universe keeping me in check, perhaps like I said I simply just ooze naivety and innocence to these people. I’m a good person and I guess I project that, which is a good thing, unless of course you’re dealing with criminals, then it’s a not so good thing. I’m not a criminal. I’m just a decent person. Sure I have many flaws, but I’m at heart a nice guy which worked against me once again today…


the good are remembered,
the bad are forgotten.
take care

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That’s an awesome thing that you’re a good person! Don’t let negative people make you feel you should be cold. You do have to learn how to not let people take advantage of you, which is hard. It’s still a lesson I’m learning, but I also choose to surround myself with people who have good hearts. I’m confident you’ll figure it out! :sunny: