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Is there a ssri which improves sleep?

I think I heard someone on this forum talk about Mirtazapine (Remeron) as a sleep aid.
But don’t quote me on that, I might be wrong.

Have you already got an reply from minerva?

i take trazadone…quite a high dose too…300 mg…I used to have bad trouble sleeping so it really helps and it’s non addictive.

No I didn’t write them yet :slight_smile:

SSRI’s are weird because they will either help you sleep or give you insomnia. It depends on the person.

Mirtazapine and trazadone help with sleep but they are not SSRIs. I used also agomelatine, benzos and APs to sleep.

remeron/mirtazapine is a tca but it makes a lot of people go to sleep. It makes me wired. For me if I take a ssri and it interferes with sleep I just change the time of day I take it and that will iron out the wrinkles.

The only SSRI I’ve been on made my insomnia much worse. Depending on how bad your sleep is you could try zopiclone (effective but only really for short term use), or promethazine which isn’t very sedating but helps a bit and can be taken longer term

I use to take celexa and it gave me insomnia and so did high doses of Lexapro so now i’m on amitriptyline and it helps me sleep.

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