Some chick

I started doing laundry today and when I walked up to the mat three kids were playing. There was a blue coin purse on a wash machine. I thought nothing of it and I didn’t touch it

Anyway I put my clothes to wash. Etc. Woman knocks on my door says I stole her wallet. Just got through talk to police. I told him everything. Now I know I’m going to be harassed every day. I think she wanted money from me. I laughed. My bf says don’t worry about it.


I would try not to think about it. You did nothing wrong. :koala::koala::koala:

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I think on this rare occasion,

Your boyfriend is right.

Don’t worry about it.


I’ve got better things to worry about. I’m just worried she’ll have some one beat up on me.

Any other way to not worry? Anxiety.

you are too sensitive to the outer world…there is NOTHING to worry about , she is not going to try and hurt you…don’t worry !!

She called the police on me.

it doesn’t matter…she is crazy…don’t be afraid…it’s not worth the worry…be at peace please dear.

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sucks that she called the cops on you =/
i’m sure it’ll settle down now and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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My dad says don’t worry about it. He says they’re probably dope heads. The idiot was smiling at me when she started opening her mouth.

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I hope the liar doesn’t bother me today.

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Someone did that to me at a public restroom once. Said they left a purse in a restroom. It was gone when I went in. They didn’t call police, who would know they were lying, because I didn’t have it, and it wasn’t in my car.

I told them they can go through my apartment. They didn’t. The cops


Do y’all think she’s gonna get people after me?

You can try meditating and doing some cardio for your anxiety

Do you think she knows anything about you? I felt like I was being targeted. Who knows how many people were in there. You’re not responsible for watching her purse for her. Try not to let her make you feel guilty.

It is unlikely that she will find people to beat you up
This sounds a lot like a legitimate fear, but it came from your head, not from a threat.
I think you are probably extremely stressed about the police being called and have started to get excessive fears
I understand but I think it’s very unlikely she will take it further

Sounds like a scam to me, but there is a remote possibility that she actually believes what she is saying. Try to ride the situation out with the minimum heartache for everyone.

Thanks. Haven’t heard her today.

That is good. They know you’re innocent