Some bitch whatever

Saying I was doing nasty ■■■■ with another female. Okay bitch I’ve got a brick for your face. Mind your own business and obviously you’re the one who does it. Whore


You need a new medication so much…

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Remember Roxanna its the voices.


I’m doing my goddam laundry. Lying ■■■■■■■■■■■■■. Hoe whore ■■■■. Burn in hell crackhead

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Uh no she was down the way saying it I watched her.

No I don’t. Bite me

Yes you do. 15151515

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Good luck on that one

@roxanna. Are you ok? This doesn’t seem like you.

@Roxanna it is never okay to threaten violence to another person. Please call the crisis line or go to respite care.