Solipsism & Sz

I like to think it because it works over and over again. I can trust in it. It is concrete. Hallucinations are not tangible.

Other people exist to me, maybe not to you, and are external to me and have their own ideas. I can choose to learn from them or not, but they are certainly not part of me because they can be touched and live their own lives apart from me.

My dreams certainly don’t often follow constraints. I have flown in my dreams, but alas I am earth bound like other people are when awake.

The disapproval of these hallucinations by the others and that they are in the realm of fantasy are the rules we abide by whether we like it or not as we live in a shared consciousness. If you can prove a ‘ghost’ as real by getting a scientist to back you up and prove it so we can all see it then it would be real and not an hallucination.

I tell you I am real. I live a separate and real life externally to you. I know nothing about yours or you of mine. I don’t believe you are an hallucination, because we can communicate on a tangible piece of technology called the internet that connects us. i can prove to others i had this conversation and so can you.

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but others may be figments of your imagination and now you are talking by yourself to yourself. imagine that…

i already have imagined it, but it serves no purpose to believe it. When I am thirsty I quench my thirst. This is the reality I live in, whether i like it or not, so when i am hungry I eat, imaginary or not I get full up.

When i am in pain i feel it. I should do as my brain dictates and do what I can to alleviate the pain. It serves a purpose to stop it. Pretending that I am not in pain won’t stop it.

So philosophically this could all be an hallucination, but I have to live it whether it is an elaborate game by an alien/god or not, and it serves me no purpose to imagine it is.


right. either way you have to live it. and live it fully


Tactile hallucinations are very tangible. :slight_smile:

Sure, even voices are, and you can even choose to learn from them.

How do you know? Maybe when you stop looking at them they disappear. (Berkeley) :slight_smile:

A scientist cannot prove anything, it is not their job.

Why should I believe it? There is no proof, you could be my computer playing with me. :slight_smile:

We cannot prove to others that this conversation existed, as you can’t even prove to me that you exist.

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You cannot prove your tactile hallucinations to anyone but yourself, other wise it wouldn’t be an hallucination.

No one else can hear the hallucinatory voices in the shared realm of existence.

I will continue to exist whether you are an hallucination or not.

You don’t have to believe I am real. That’s fine by me. If other people that you believe are hallucinations want to read what is written on the internet they could, but after all why would an hallucination be interested in another hallucination’s writing? All the other so called hallucinations that you may or not read on other threads, or read this or don’t.

It would be pretty pointless to have hallucinations that you never read, wouldn’t it? However, the nihilism of such a pointless belief that serves no purpose doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat and drink when you feel it necessary, does it?

It is true that I cannot prove to you that I exist, even if I travelled to your place and shook your hand, as it could just be an hallucination in your eyes, however, I am sure your suffering is not lessened by philosophising over it.

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Exactly and they are almost in the same level as ‘real’ experiences. You cannot prove them to anyone but yourself.

What shared realm of existence? The one you know about from your sensory informations which could be hallucinations?

Why shouldn’t they?

Why should these hallucinations have some objectives?

Why should the Truth be useful? Knowledge is its own reward.

Science gives us useful opinions while philosophy gives us useless truths. :slight_smile:
I drink and eat because it gives me pleasant sensory informations.

So? Hallucinations of pain exist.


So if I admitted I was an hallucination, how would you feel? Would you believe me? Would anything change? Would you feel validated?(Meanwhile invalidating my own existence, would I just disappear or would I go on living as an hallucination in your mind appearing if you ever think of me again?)

And as an hallucination am I not subject to the worldly realm in the set of rules such as gravity.
Can you make me fly if i am an hallucination? Or are these rules set and limited by your imagination? Can I teleport or stop me typing, or do you have no control over these hallucinations?

What are the rules of this solipsism?

Can you tell the difference between the ‘real’ world in which ‘hallucinations’ all live by the same rules and hallucinations of the imagination, or are they one in the same?

It will drive you mad, like the great mind of Nietzsche following philosophies like this to their end, which is why accepting a reality that we all share and abide by is an easy and relative task, while accepting dream like states and hallucinations are nothing but tricks of the mind that cause pain if you truly believe in them.

No clever doctor could even persuade you that this is not some grand hallucinatory experience, but the doctors (hallucinatory or not) will give you life debilitating drugs (hallucinatory or not) to make you live in the ‘shared’ realm which i profess to be true. Why have an hallucination of pain when it can be avoided?

If you can accept the shared realm where we have things like gravity and no ghosts then life would be a lot easier. It is for me, whether you believe I exist or not.

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I would feel solipsistic during bad psychotic trips, when my brain was filled with adrenochrome, but have reconciled the belief with the idea that we are all living in overlapping, intersecting realities.


Nothing would change.

I have no control over these sensory informations.

They are in the same ‘world’. There is my mind and there are these ‘external’ sensory informations.

Nietzsche didn’t follow these philosophies, solipsism doesn’t mean that we should accept dreams and hallucinations but that they are on the same level. I accept ‘the reality that we all share’ because it is more fun to play in it but maybe in the future the dream world will be better. :slight_smile:


Personally, I prefer the Many worlds Interpretation (MWI) to direct solipsism. The multiverse and quantum immortality, in such that we have an allocated time and have to live it to the end in which there is no escaping and then start again.

People live in my realm as real (not hallucinatory) and share my reality and then if they die (or I die) they (or I ) switch to a carbon copy of that realm where they survived until their time is up.

I also accept this reality, but have enjoyed discussing the hallucinatory experience with you. It really makes me think. I shall continue to exist and so shall you, hallucinatory or not. :slight_smile:

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