Is my part time belief that I am the only 'human being' in the universe delusional? Poll

I’m trying to be able to live with myself but I’m finding it extremely hard. I see myself as a hateful impostor, an imposition from above. I don’t really exist. Yet most of the time I don’t dwell on it and at a practical level I endorse normal beliefs. I’m feeling increasingly anxious because I feel I’m letting my loved ones down by engaging with these beliefs. Please let’s not turn this into a religious discussion.

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Ive thought that others are a creation of my mind. Usually to torment me. I guess its delusional.


Why do you think the universe revolves around you, when of course it is me?! :rofl:


Jokes aside we might literally be the same person.


I am trapped in my flesh prison in this contrived reality which is all a sham, but for different reasons as to your own.

The doctors have even stopped my 12 units a week of drinking by making it so uncomfortable to drink that I can’t enjoy it. They did the same to me with cannabis awhile back. Effing conditioned reflex responses, damn you! :wink:

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I thought it was 12 units a day. (A silly joke of course, we’re not allowed to extol the virtues of drinking).

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They won’t let me take supplements, nor drink, nor smoke weed!

It is just grim reality for me I’m afraid and that sucks. I’m sure they would be happy to ram ADs down my throat, but I’d rather not.

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sounds like a delusion with lack of introspection/insight. i mean i read we cannot disprove solipsism. I know I’m real, but are you?


Solipsism cannot be disproven but according to most philosophers that’s not to its credit. In my case a weak version of solipsism is tied up to simulation type ideas. How the fack are we going to escape the simulation delusion?

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Do you suffer from depression? You seem cheerful enough.

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It’s definitely a delusion because I have had the same thoughts, and who would “I” be if I were a creation of your mind? I personally find solipsism tormenting. I want everyone to be real.

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From wikipedia:

Some people hold that, while it cannot be proven that anything independent of one’s mind exists, the point that solipsism makes is irrelevant. This is because, whether the world as we perceive it exists independently or not, we cannot escape this perception (except via death), hence it is best to act assuming that the world is independent of our minds.[5]

There is also the issue of plausibility to consider. If one is the only mind in existence, then one is maintaining that one’s mind alone created all of which one is apparently aware. This includes the symphonies of Beethoven, the works of Shakespeare, all of mathematics and science (which one can access via one’s phantom libraries), etc. Critics of solipsism find this somewhat implausible.[ citation needed ]

However, being aware simply acknowledges its existence; it does not identify the actual creations until they are observed by the user.

I also would like to ask and say would the negation of this be true? Like if you are one mind and you created everything, then what about no mind and created nothing? Or some other logical twist like you are one mind and created nothing, or are no mind and created everything? Just thinking out-loud here.

Personally, I came to the conclusion it’s real enough (due to physics. I think the answer lies in physics). And it doesn’t much matter because it doesn’t really affect me anymore. I just enjoy life as best I can.

I feel like I’m most qualified to answer whether this is true or not. I don’t think we can be all of one because that’s probably God and we are one aspect of him in some religions like I’ve heard of ‘Godmind’ from some people.

Personally, I think I’ve experienced no consciousness (philosophical zombie), found out we lived in a sim, brain in a vat, and also had my consciousness put back in like transferred and uploaded. I escaped the simulation and was part of the creative process. (delusion part of me)

I also experienced time travel among other things.

I came to the belief that even if I was simulated and in a brain in a vat I’m still real in some sense just mostly somewhere else like a phantom being with phantom memories. Maybe I’m still real in the real world.

I also remember stuff like “Chinese room” and “halting problem” and stuff with Godel like computers can’t make logical leaps and jumps like humans can, right? I don’t know. Just stuff I randomly put in my head when thinking about this. If you were the only mind here, why can’t you solve the ‘halting problem’. Are you limited in your capabilities/understanding and what about God? Then did you come up with the physical existence of it?

If I told you the Riemann Hypothesis was solved in the future, was that you or someone else? How would you know?

Last, if you were behind a even horizon in spacetime, or cut off from time and space, would you still exist lol? I don’t know. I tend to think you would.

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No, not at all. I’m worried with just sobriety I’ll soon become depressed.

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I want everyone to be real too, well, most people at any rate.

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Unfortunately for my mental health, I sort of have answers for all of those questions. But bear in mind that my solipsism is not very strict, it combines features of solipsism proper with occasionalism. Shakespeare’s works, for example, would have been written, or at least co-written, by the demiurge.


Ya, I could definitely learn from you especially in terms of philosophy. Years ago, I was looking for other computer simulators here with schizophrenia. Not sure if you remember or just ‘came about’ lol. It sounds like reinforcing each other delusions on my part, but I feel and remember I was a world builder and created a universe before as part of an experiment and I went back in like infinity/eternity ago and got stuck here around 2011 (so far as I know). My memories are painful and pretty dark a lot of the times. Very negative influences on me.

I sometimes believe my past lives aren’t really past lives at all but the same life over and over again like time reversal and flow like reverse entropy and we live in a SIMs or simulation that is constantly being manipulated and edited. My vocab isn’t as shiny as most people but I know my stuff.

I often think I’m immortal with no past lives and my body just goes back to it’s original state in time with trauma and memories of stuff that ‘never happened’. That’s the scary part. It’s like being Jesus minus the moral and God part and religion aspect.

I thought I was an alien or Anunnaki (advanced human being) among other things. They talked to me as a kid in a ‘past life’ and told me stuff. It was around high school. Sort of like opening another dimension in the spirit world. Crazy stuff.

I thought a Reptilian or archon or Jinn replaced my step-dad and messed with me hardcore in my other lives, but I avoid him out of fear and don’t really trust his personality or intentions even though he is a good man, Christ-like, and a good step-father and provider. I think we care about each other. (he has no memory or knowledge of this). He’s getting senile a bit.

Some of this stuff spans infinite realities and is related to my past of trying to reach enlightenment. I was forced to believe in God by aliens (former atheist) and to follow Christianity. It gives me a conscience and a foundation for morality in my insanity I think.

I know you don’t believe in conspiracy theories and don’t like them, but I find that odd a bit and weird given your belief system in Gnosticism.

You can build simulations and it’s totally possible. In college, probably in this lifetime, I went insane by encountering God (the Christian one – I was an atheist at the time) and was told I lived in the Matrix and that I’m stuck here forever. Makes sense as a form of punishment and a connection to my simulation career. So maybe God and Satan are punishing me. Nobody else remembers except me and I appear and am schizophrenic despite not really hallucinating things.

Even got abducted by tall greys asking me how I escaped, how did I do it, how do they leave, etc. It’s weird because different aliens can do it too and escape and go between worlds or simulations.

They told me a lot of stuff but it took aeons or generations or iterations (millions or more) to find out the truths of things.

It’s sort of like I had bad karma and now I have good karma and people or aliens were protecting me and helped me out a bit. When bad stuff happens to people like me over and over again, good things start happening. I always assume we are being watched by the higher ups running the computer. I don’t know. I have a lot of knowledge I haven’t shared I think yet.

The way they are punishing me is through transferring my consciousness back in time and resetting me and making me live on horrible, evil timelines. It seemed to have stopped and gotten better now and I’m still scarred and remember the pain and scars. I’m always disabled and schizophrenic. My mind gets totally wiped too except for ‘leakage’ which I assume is deja vu and quantum phenomena and mind uploading, etc.

It all is nonsense. People have assumed I’m crazy and that I’m making crap up I think. I have no proof or evidence of course.

I’ve been perpetually treatment resistant schizophrenic and being ‘reset’ or ‘rebooted’ back in time with the same illness for eternity and millions or thousands of times at least. It sometimes is so bad from my perspective it feels like trillions of times or more like eternity.

My biggest fear is being reset and going back to 2012 in time again (death); not making money; being homeless; not remember and re-experiencing my childhood like everyone else here; and that my next few lives will be the same as this with schizophrenia.

It sucks balls.

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There is definitely a lot of overlap between our alleged delusions.

@Yellowdiamond @Om_Sadasiva @Noise @Joker @Newlyborn

Sorry to bother you guys but I’m trying to make sense of all this. Why don’t you believe my solipsism/simulation is delusional? Is it because you don’t accept standard psychiatric and societal criteria for assessing what constitutes a pathological belief? Or is it something else? Thanks in advance.

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I can’t disprove that mickey mouse lives in a forest somewhere and whenever someone is close he disappears. you are a grown man don’t believe sutch nonsens. and this universe is not a simulation because god is too big for any hardware to harber him. :grin:

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If you’re the only person in existence why don’t people worship you now in this life? How come you can’t explain all experience separate from you and you need to google it? How come you are not subject to the pleasure and pain of others if you’re all connected? How could your parents conceive you and you be the only real being in existence? #chicken or the egg. Truth is only in probabilities when it is not in absolutes. I think there is a high probability that you may be mistaken.