Society's role in mental illness

I think what we’ve been neglecting is society’s role in mental illness. There’s a lot of factors out there in society that are enough to drive anybody mad. Stigmatization is real too. It’s not just us.


It’s just whacky brain chemistry. Blaming society is just playing the victim.

No, that just assumes that humans or humans with sz are just wacky brain chemistry, but there is much more to us than that. And, blaming yourself only is very very bad too. Society or the environment you are in is certainly a major factor in mental illness. I’m just never going to buy into the whole full faith in the pdoc thing and at times they themselves are part of the problem. Perhaps we are the victim too, not always, but surely at times.

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I can remember thinking about this in high school sitting around stoned lol and being afraid of rejection I felt I did not fit into changing society. In the 60s there was a big push to be cool. I was so hung up with fear that I felt I wasn’t. But pot kept me away from doing well in school and the straight kids who did. People weren’t accepting if you looked like a hippy or looked stoned. Now I’m still not acceptable to half the population it seems. But I can handle it. I don’t get arrested lol or anything if I’m not doing something illegal. But as soon as I started disobeying my parents I got guilty. That was hard to get through. But I went the whole other way and got some kool and got some straight. Guilt kept me from going that way. Nothing wrong with guilt.

It think it plays a part. Definitely. Brain chemistry is a factor, but stressors set off psychosis and make it worse.

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