Do you guys dont see my point?

I feel like jay z (lol) in one of his songs

schizoprenia is not a problem in itself, but its the society view which makes it a problem, view you and me and everyone accepted

to illustrate this better think of that new psychology change in narative therapy

but to a whole new scale

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I feel like talking to walls thou

Does anybody get my point?

I have made a few posts about this in the past also

Foucault talked about this too but with a different aproach, he had an extreme aproach however which im not accepting of

Charles manson had sz and the radical social environment of the 60s accepted his bizzare behavior and ideas and he had followers. Thats only one example of how certain social environments can be more favorable to the mentally ill. But he was definitely a problem for that society

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In the 60’s it wasn’t good for people with schizophrenia…I think the 21st century is the closest to best time for people that have schizophrenia than ever in history, even ancient times…we have democracy, we have treatments, and society isn’t calling us witches for having experiences that dont fit social norms. Science is coming a long way to help treat the illness…

I am really grateful that my family never stigmatized me or treated me with shame for it…just like some of my cousins or fam members are LGBTQ and I would never judge them, I haven’t been judged for something I cant control that I was born with a predisposition for…


if Or when

We realize that the social agreement of certain things (how to perceive them, how to talk about them, how to treat or reach to them, etc) (bassicly thats more then just stigma) is the probelm we cant see a different way of how sz can be a good thing

My point is that we cannot know now since those limitation exists

i thought about mania could be harnest by the person which has it for certain sports(with the help of a new psychology of course)

paranoia is good for a cop, or detective if it can be put to good use (with the help of a new therapy specially designed of course)

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You’ve voiced this opinion before. Mania doesn’t occur when you want it to, and it doesn’t create the kind of behavior that is needed. Paranoia in a general sense is good for a cop but szs have paranoia in a specific medical sense that wouldnt be helpful.


People with sz also have rarely negative symtopms without the treatment which stabilze them

It mighy be that the stable sz is making negative symtopms more proeminent

Voices are not even a probelm on theyre own because a voice is giving a ‘voice’ to a thought we didnt expect to hear (in a way)

Its the charge of the voice which is the probelm. As in the meaning behind it like if its associated to paranoia etc

There are a few situations where I would see sz become more accepted. In a society with rampant drug use like a futuristic nazi society where amphetamines and stuff were used for worker productivity etc. Then sz would be indistinguishable from drug side effects. Thats one example.

You might be right, by today’s standard

But all i am saying the science will advance to new therapiest to ‘harness’ that power of mania, and paranoia.

As for now were limited by the current thoughts on the matter.

Ps : i can trigger mania for me, certain triggers help, mania, paranoia and even a whole psychotic episode, i rarely do it expect for a little hypo mania from time to time when im bored of life

Lol man, use your imagination and join me on this view of the future. :sweat_smile:

We were unlucky we live today but others would be more lucky.

I cant realize how you dont see the difference between the 50s and today regarding sz. Its so simple…

Its better for szs today than 50s

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Its a simple statement you made but a true one.

It is however a obvious one,

Since i have made around 4 post trying to say whats the real things thats keeping us in the current view on sz

I am a little hurt you only got that conclusion…

Meds usually don’t treat negative symptoms

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