I’ve found it virtually impossible to socialize since I’ve been having to deal with all of this. I can be around certain people that I know for a short period of time and only talking with them a tiny bit, but I can’t seem to, more like don’t want to, socialize any more than that. I’ve pushed away all of my friends, even friends that I have had for years, I presently have none. I feel as though people are trying to get me, hurt me, and break me. I feel like people can read my mind. I’m honestly hesitant posting on here because I feel like everything on the internet is controlled by the people are out to get me, but that’s another story. I’m not on any medication and I’m trying to deal with this all, I have moments where I feel like I want to try talking to someone but I end up being rude beyond belief because of one tiny thing that they say or a look on their face, anything alike. Please, any suggestions on how I can fix this, I have been alone for months, excluding having to deal with my family. I really need to socialize. um… thanks in advance.

Hi, your delusions can be managed with meds and/or therapy, like CBT, if you’re willing to believe they aren’t real. Why aren’t you on meds?


I can’t get on them. I don’t have medicaid/medicare or insurance so I haven’t been able to get another psyche eval. I’m supposed to be on a bunch of other medication but they won’t prescribe me anything without it. As for therapy, I can’t get back into that either and I only went there because it was court ordered, but even when I was in therapy I wasn’t able to talk about anything that I needed to so me and him just talked about my insomnia, the medications I did have, and how my depression felt. I’m a minor so everything I say to him would go straight back to the courts. I’ve been trying to get an evaluation for quite some time now, hopefully in the near future I can get on medication considering the fact that I am really struggling with dealing with this silently, well as silently as possible. I like to think I’m doing good but my brother tells me that I’m doing this to myself and that I’m going crazy… I don’t know, I’ve had a ton of issues in telling what is real and what is not. I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing is real except for me and the way I react. I want to do a lot of things, like socialize, but I know my limitations and what my mind can and can’t handle. I just want to know if anyone has any advice for getting out of my head because I feel as though I’ve exhausted all ways conceivable in my own mind. Sorry this is a lot but I don’t exactly know how these things work…

Being totally open and honest is the best way to get effective treatment. I know that talking about things that would risk a commitment is scary but it really helps in the long run. People can’t help unless they know what’s going on.

Keep trying to get an eval. I know insurance red tape sucks but you sound like you really need some help. Keep trying and don’t lose hope. Medications and therapy can do wonders.

Be open, be honest. It can only help.

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I know that, it’s just that I’m scared and I don’t exactly trust anyone especially myself. I want to talk about those things and be honest but when it really comes down to it I tend to have it in my mind but my actions go wayward, I can’t control it, almost like an involuntary blockade that pushes people out of my reach… I can’t describe it really. It’s true though, “people can’t help unless the know what’s going on”. I’m going to keep trying with insurance and to get into therapy, thank you. I need to be honest this time around… I appreciate your replies.