How many of you


How many of you can’t socialize with this illness
When I try go out for evening I get voices and paranoia


I haven’t been sociable for a long time. I just find that I don’t fit in. Everyone can sense that and they hate me for it.


Yes I feel like a misfit


It sucks. It’s hard for me to make friends and even harder for me to keep them.


I’ve got two freinds
One is ill also and on olanzapine. We met as penpals. Freinds for more than five years
The other is regular girl my age we met as penpals been freinds more than ten years single like me


I have no friends. It’s good that you have some. Maybe everyone needs friends but not me.


I am trying going to some groups and workshops in a nearby city. I have the first appointment today, really nervous as not sure what to expect.

We are discussing how to cope with anxiety.

It’s run by a charity. The guy I originally spoke to is coming in on his day off to make sure I am ok.

I hope it will help, as I haven’t functioned socially since Dx.

If I find it useful, I will post. I am not putting much hope in it yet until I see what it’s like an whether it will help. Not sure


I avoid socialising as much as possible, although when thrust into a social situation I’ll try to be as polite as possible. I find interacting on a social level difficult though. As I struggle to initiate conversation someone has to come up to me and speak. There’s always the issue of being able to think quickly on my feet with regards to the instant flow of conversation. Sometimes it comes harder than others. I have a bad track record of making friends in 3D. I can count them on one hand with probably fingers to spare over 61 years.

As this has always been an issue(social interaction) rather than something that surfaced with the overt appearance of mental health symptoms I do wonder whether this is more an autism related trait in my case.

My social skills are supposedly very poor. I don’t naturally get the whole body language thing. I’m definitely not good at reading people.


Good luck today
Will be interested to hear how you got on


Thanks @shellys12. When I get home I will let you know.


Great​:four_leaf_clover: :blush: I look forward


I couldn’t stay for the whole thing. I burnt out in the first part and had to leave. Not sure it was a good idea. I couldn’t concentrate and got confused a bit.

It was all about problems but no one had any solutions. I was unable to ask what I wanted too as I wasn’t sure if I was going off topic


I want to socialise, but I tire quickly, and I’m not good at reading people if I don’t know them well.


Well well done for trying you might not be ready for socializing yet
Maybe get yourself feeling better and try again


It really sucks as feel pretty low now and I thought it might help. I guess you’re right, I am not ready.


i have difficulty socialising


It does take time
Other things will come up


I try to socialize, but it’s really difficult for me to make friends. The most people don’t like me. They say I’m a strange person or sometimes they say I’m very shy. If they were kind with me, I wouldn’t be strange or shy. If they spent more time with me, the would realize who I really am.


To me socialism has become extremely difficult since the voices have interfered with my life.


I have no sz symptoms. Socializing depends on my own disision.