Anyone else?

When in an episode which I think I am currently I go antisocial and stop talking to people. Which in turn tends to ruin possible friendships. Anyone else do this? It makes me feel bad but I can’t control it cause I’m in my head so much and can’t get out of it to talk to people well or very long. It just sucks cause I’m sure I’ve hurt people. But I can’t go around telling everyone I’m the son of Lucifer and I have demons after me. Plys I’m not supposed to tell. Idk just sucks.

Yea I lost all my friends during first psychosis. During 2nd I lost my new friends as I thought I was God and Hitler, went to live in Germany for several months and knew no one there. But once I got back on meds I got my friends back by talking to them. Yea its a bad idea talking about psychotic thoughts with your friends as it will scare them. On meds I have no positive symptoms and I am normal, thats why my friends like me now.

I’m on meds but still have delusions.

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Keep trying new meds and doses. Hopefully you will find the right med and dosage. I read the Clozapine is used for treatment resistant sz.

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Haldol worked for my mom–I think Haldol is good for when you’re overwhelmed and need to come back to reality/but temp. I would never be on it long-term. But some people have to…idk My mom has withdrawn from the haldol now and she is ok. I am so hoping that she continues to stay herself…so keeping things calm/no drama, no conversations about anything intense including psychiatry…she said today that I should read Adrienne Rich and some feminist literature because we live in such a patriarch system…

I have been lucky to not have many episodes, but when I have there is no such thing as being social and talking to friends. I have mostly been so far out of it that reality as I know it stops to exist. It’s like everything happens inside my head, and the world around just fades away.

My meds take care of it now though. I am stable. Maybe talk to your doctor and see if there are any options to try out other things if your delusions are too powerful.

My next med appointment isn’t until the 13th. I meet with my case manager tomorrow though. Just talked with my dad about possibly not being able to work. I keep bad sliding to to stressing over working.

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