Socialization realization

I realized yesterday that I do not enjoy socializing. I don’t have a lot of social skills and conversing is extremely difficult with cognitive impairments.

For me, I believe, because of sz, I prefer to isolate. Despite what therapy and case management severely pressure me into doing.


When I was like 3 I made a decision.

Do you want to talk or do you don’t? I chose talk. I’ve done that all my life and either though I failed numerous times it’s come good for me. Indeedy. I’d say talking is better than not for something like sz.

Like life is a social game for primates. Humans make it so negatively so because it’s all about status and cliques and everything else but isolating isn’t the game. You do better connecting and that really does make a difference…

Friends are good. Partners are good so you still need to look to avenues to connect and socialising gets easier the more you do it because it’s a skill.

Don’t sell yourself out of the game so early. You can always learn and it’s worthwhile.

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