Can u have a social life after the diagnosis


i can’t hold any meaningful talk/emotional chat with others , i am a total lost in my own world and cannot chat with people without being awkward or losing my head, how r u guys doing? i really hate that

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Yes, dont let sz stop you from going out and seeing your friends. Even when I was hearing voices non stop and delusional I still managed to go out and see people I know. I always find doing something while your with people helps, you know like having an activity to do so your not just expected to talk for an hour.

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I think some can have a reasonable social life with medication , and therapy (if they can get that). It sounds as though you are still quite symptomatic which doesn’t help with socialising.As you get more well you may well find socialising becomes easier.

I personally am not a good socialiser, but was never one even before overt signs of mental illness. Hopefully some here who can socialise quite well will provide you with some advice/tips on this matter.


but it becomes so meaningless…during the process i feel i am in another world and when i tried to look straight in people’s eyes i am total lost because i knew i am delusional and i know i am like dreaming,it ■■■■■■■ unmotivate me because i cannot feel / enjoy what i am doing at the moment…i am like dreaming but i hv to use my own logic to deal with the people around me…

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thanks… my symptoms are making me unable to have a real connection with the people and so as socializing with them…

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Yes, I often find I have too many problems going on in my head to talk like other people, but you just do the best you can with it. Luckily I have got some good friends that know I am a bit quiet because of the sz, they are ok with it though.


Like @admiralbarkley said, i just do the best i can. I only have a couple friends but they know what’s going on with me so they’re cool with my little eccentricities. I think a lot of it depends on how understanding your friends are. I also think the more you try and put yourself out there the better you will be at it. I guess practice makes perfect, as they say.


Yeah its tough. I was a total recluse just a couple months ago due to my psychosis barely left the house. I could only do small talk with a ton of effort and concentration. The only thing that helped me personally was getting on good enough meds to where I was brought back to earth some and could tune out the voices to have a real conversation.

Dont let that stop you though, if it feels like the only choice is isolation, force yourself into social situations as much as possible and youll eventually learn how to juggle both worlds. Thats not ideal though, its a constant struggle.


I am crap socially, I have little to say fr myself…


I lost all my close friends during the prodromal phase, and haven’t made any friends since then. I feel aloof and distant from others – I can’t connect with anyone.


me2 , i feel quite sad


My social circle falls when I get symptomatic. I fall off. The main group of people that I socialize with is people with mental disorders. Two for general one specifically with SZ/psychotic disorders

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Absolutely. Back when I was unstable I was very odd and lost in my own world as you call it. It made me somewhat of an outcast at school though I had some friends that tolerated my crazy. Even though I’m stable now I can’t say I’m totally normal…but I have friends and a boyfriend and a social life that I’m happy with. Mostly I’m just happy to hang out with my boyfriend.

I think it’s just about finding people who will like you for you despite the illness. Other people with mental illness tend to be particularly tolerant. Unsurprisingly most of of my closest friends have struggled with it at one point or another.


Yes! Have fun and enjoy life! Appreciate your family and friends and if they appreciate you, they will be there for you no matter what💜


I love socializing! Did a lot of it the couple of times I was in California, gonna do some more when I go back. Back in VA it feels weird to stay inside all the time by comparison.

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Yes. Get the meds right. Get yourself in a good headspace then for sure. I live a great life. It’s different from most but I enjoy myself and have a good time!

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Almost all of my real life close friends have psychotic disorders too, we understand each other and don’t judge. Unfortunately I have found it a lot harder to make and stay friends with people who haven’t experienced some form of psychosis… they are just scared of me or something :frowning:.

Anyways, I have a small close-knit social life with my besties and my family… it is possible.

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I don’t have a social life. I am grateful I have family to see.

I would struggle to trust people again due to being dropped by those I thought were my friends. It’s annoying but there is nothing I can do about it now.

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