I've made my mind up on something

I broke up with my girlfriend thirty some years ago because she’d give me no alone time. That was wrong of her but too much alone time is not good either. I had friends for a few years and over the years they dropped away. What was I hoping for being alone, a spiritual experience? I’ve come to a firm opinion. I don’t want to be alone all the time, it’s worthless.


It’s never too late to make friends. Human interaction is a skill like any other. You listen and respond to cues is the easiest way. Sz makes it harder and life these days is very isolating. It can become a habit that you block interactions and seek that isolation so it’s important to try to engage with others.

I’ve always been aggressively social and I think it helps no end with symptoms. Being able to think on your feet and respond to different cues even when psychotic helps. I always was a talker and it’s helped for sure with outcomes.


I never was a talker, but I’ve met folks who talk even less than me and it leads to long, awkward moments of silence. Lol.
Anywhoo, socializing is a skill like any other skill, some people are naturally more talented, but anyone can improve with practice. It will be very uncomfortable especially in the beginning, but it can be done.

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