Social intelligence

Your score is 27 out of 36.
Your score is lower than 55% of all participants.

However I have done the test before and scored several points lower then.

Aw too bad it doesn’t work on a phone. I think I have high social intelligence so I was intrigued. But doesn’t work on my phone (my only way of getting Internet)

Ftr I think I’m an introvert in many situations, but have a high social intelligence, there’s a difference.

I am hamstrung by very poor social skills. I don’t want to take your test. It would be too depressing.

Another test with the full face rather than just eyes.
I had not done this one before.

Your Score: 10/20

You’ve got some work to do. Your score places you below average at reading expressions. But don’t worry: Research suggests that people can improve their emotion recognition skills with practice.

Shlt you can’t use ur phone


My social skills are very poor too according to the pdocs. Even allowing that I had done the eyes test before I did better on that than the one with the full face.

I got 21 out of 36. I was always kind of bad at social interaction though so I don’t know. Honestly I felt like I was guessing through most of it. This is for the first test you mentioned.

For the berkley test I got a whopping 16/20 way more than I should have I think.

I got 26 and very happy with that.

I was expecting worse from me!

I got a 20 on the eye test. :unamused: Why am I even bothering with the emoji if I can’t understand it anyway? :slight_smile:

I used to have great social intelligence. No one could fool me. Now my vision’s so deceiving I hate having to talk to potential liars. And i don’t get why timing has to be so important in conversation. I can never keep up. :frowning:

Interesting! I got a 24 on the first eyes-only test.
Then I took the one with the whole face and got 13/20, which is about average.

I definitely got a little weirded out with only looking at the eyes, it amped my paranoia up a bit. Anybody else get kind of paranoid when you stare at a pic of someone’s eyes for too long?

The whole face test was easier because I spent a lot of time watching actors act and watching their facial expressions. Apparently, that is what I managed to build some skills in, not the eye watching skill.

I think without practicing on my facial expressions, I’d be below average there, too.
I just have to remind myself not to base a judgment based on someone’s eyes and what I think their look meant…

I found that test completely irritating and felt confident about approximately 3 of my answers. I got 33 out of 36.

It made me anxious and annoyed! Not full fledged paranoia, but definitely on the road to it.

I got 15 on the second test. It wasn’t as frustrating, but I didn’t enjoy it, either.

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Ha! I only got 25 out of 36. All the eyes started to look the same to me so I felt like I was just guessing :rolling_eyes:

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