Faces/ reading facial expressions

Does anyone have a problem reading facial expressions? Or find it tiring?
Or even eye contact becomes difficult, like scary?
Wondering if it is common or just me…


Yep. I like to think I know what I am reading, but it is often wrong. Okay, so here is a trick I found. Eye contact is hard to do. One thing to do is to stair at their nose XD. I do this because right in the eye is weird.
Wait, is the nose weird too??? IDK.

I wish you luck mate! I scored 26 which was average. It helped having a set of choices . I am not sure I’d have done so well without some kind of a prompt ie making an on the spot assessment of someone’s facial expression.


I’m surprised, I thought I was a bad reader, turns out I scored 31 out of 36.

I’m pretty good at facial expressions. I have no problem telling fake smiles from real smiles for example. Did a test. But I struggle with eye contact. It makes me really uncomfortable to maintain eye contact for more than a second. Half a second with strangers.

Ahhgg I got 26 too @firemonkey

I always seem to get it wrong… I also have a hard time when people are being sarcastic. I never get it.

It causes a lot of confusion for me.

I am better at reading the people I know well.

I’ve gone from not looking people in the eyes to actually not looking at their face now. In general anyway.

I’m terrible with eye contact when I am speaking to someone, but when I am listening I can maintain eye contact.

I probably come off as a big liar.

I find emotion unless its obvious hard to read and eye contact is very difficult. I also have issues with over analyzing wether someone is recalling a story from memory or making it up. I never call them on it and i forget shortly after plus it gives the speaker the illusion im listning contently wich is also difficult for me to do so that helps.

I struggle with close contact eye contact. Several years ago I had to quit a discussion group that involved sitting around a table. It was ok at first but then the numbers shot up and people were sitting cheek to jowl. I got to feel more and more uncomfortable as the numbers increased.

There used to be a girl who would stare at my nose and for the longest time I didn’t know what she was doing. But people know when you are staring at their nose.

@firemonkey I got a 22 :confused:

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Oh crap, I’m found out…
Maybe it was me XD

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I seem to recall I did the test via another site some time ago. It may be that I subconsciously remembered some answers. I don’t think I scored as well previously.

I got a 29 i think its all the movies i watch…

I can read facial expressions somewhat well, but I have difficulty telling the difference between a genuine smile and a real one. Eye contact was something that I used to struggle with, but luckily I’m able to stare at someone in the face without feeling the need to turn away from them.

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The eternal question “How much is too much? How much is too little?” I try and look more but sometimes/often wonder whether I am overcompensating. It doesn’t come naturally.

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It’s normal to look less at the persons eyes when you are talking to them than when you’re listening.


the struggle! Scored a 26.

I have issues distinguishing how much someone’s facial expression is due to me and how much is due to their past or whatever stress they’re under at the moment.

I just met some dude at a martial arts convention and I definitely misread his expressions while we were smoking out. I thought it was going great until I said thanks and he said no worries, which hinted to me that he meant I had done something wrong. Maybe I get too caught up in hidden semantic meanings or something, i dunno.

He eventually looked at his watch (despite their being a clock on the dash) and I was like, oh, okay, bye. I see him this week. Not sure how to act socially…

This sucks being on the short end of the communication stick!

I think you’re reading into it too much. My grandma sees me yawn sometimes and wants to end things so I can go home, even if I insist it’s alright. I’m not yawning because I’m bored, I’m not even yawning because I’m tired, I’m just yawning because I’m listening so intensely to her that I forget I’m breathing. In fact, that’s how yawning comes to happen. The point is, when you look into things too much you can really mess things up for yourself.

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