Practical skills v high IQ

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If we take scores here as gospel then we are a very intelligent bunch but i wonder how many of us score high on conventional IQ tests(online or off) but struggle when it comes to basic practical tasks.
@SurprisedJ made me think of this with his difficulties with laundry etc. For me things like mending a fuse/wiring a plug are things i have never been able to do and i once went into meltdown because my washing machine pipe was leaking due to a broken washer. Luckily i had a befriender at the time who fitted a new washer for me.
Manual tasks are especially difficult. My youngest step daughter does things like decorating when she visits and assembles things like flat pack furniture.


First of all I would like to state that I am a lot more “intelligent” than my IQ test indicates. I scored a 108 I think, it places me a bit above average - but what did me in were the math questions, I always had difficulty with numbers and math, since I was a kid. My practical skills are so so. I am not good with technical things really, ok with cooking, terrible with folding laundry, I am terrible at fixing things. I lean towards the creative/artisitic side of things. Soon I will be posting some of my poetry here, I am a poet at heart


I suppose it does not matter what our IQ score results are. I know I have had always some difficulties with languages such as English, but here I am writing. I must tell that I use often Google’s translator to check spellings. Google’s Chrome does this automatically. However, I do must state that I was much smarter 20 years ago, but years have passed and sz and all meds must have had some impact on my intelligence.

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Looking forward to it.

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I got 135 on one of those long IQ tests back in 2005…

I don’t know about not doing other stuff. I built my house which is about 1000 square feet and 7 total rooms in the house, plus a concrete storm shelter, and did my own wiring and plumbing…
I do my own laundry, shopping, cooking, etc.

But I cannot work full time for other people…I have to have my own schedule both for physical and mental reasons. hard to explain but I found on many jobs i worked even if I was able to do all the physical, my mind would get overloaded and shut down almost like being trapped in a foreign environment, and i would have to leave some times…
I could probably work part time…but there is something that doesn’t agree with my mind about having to be somewhere all the time at a precise time. Another thing is on many jobs I found ways to do the work more efficiently with same or better quality and many bosses and employees didn’t like that…i think that goes along with being able to do schoolwork in 20 - 25 minutes of a 45 minute class and getting bored…

My cousin and my father are similar to you. They both have been house builders, I could not build a house or anything else like that. Once I was a coowner of one house in Atlanta, but I had to leave it because of my divorce after which I lived in my auto a couple of years, primarily in Miami. Some people are very good with their hands. When I lived in my auto I did my brain exercise such as multiplying two 5-digit numbers in my mind, but I must say I could not do this now. I believe all meds I have been taking have lowered my intelligence, made me slow.

My grandfather did construction by trade and my Mom technical design and was an artist so that certainly had something to do with it.
I won’t even try multiplying 5 digit numbers in my mind…I stink at math - not totally. I can do basic math but once you get past first year college algebra I’m lost…however I can see patterns in numbers that others don’t see, and have been told i am really good at the math needed for construction, and can visually judge lengths and distances pretty well without a ruler, and find they are pretty accurate.
Last year I looked down a hall and said “that’s 24 feet I would estimate from looking at it.” and when measured, that’s what it was.

7 of 7 ------>

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I have strong practical skills due to minimal cognitive impairments and no disorganization, at least no significant disorganization, I may be a little scatterbrained at times but I feel scatterbrained, I dont behave scatterbrained. I can only focus on one thing at a time, my family members have told me about this. I cant keep track of two people talking to me from other side of the room, but I scored 133 on that IQ test we all took.

I am practically intelligent, I would say, I know how to do some tricky technique stuff in powerlifting and that takes practice and you have to get a feel for the lifting techniques, you can be told what to do but you yourself are the one whos gonna do the technique right and lift heavy without getting injured.

Even learning to wear powerlifting gear, belts, wraps, sleeves, use chalk for your hands, it all shows that I can figure out rather stimulating little tasks with intuition. I used to just give up on typing my own knee wraps, but another team member showing my step my step how to do it (its really not easy to do yourself, by the way) and now I can wrap my knees without messing up in like a minute, and a good tight wrap without spaces in between wraps. If you cant feel your feet, you’re doing it right.

And technique for squatting, deadlifting and benching is ridiculously complex. Forget everything you thought you knew about those three exercises, when you are using heavy ass weights, you have to use perfect form or the weights wont move and you will get hurt. You have to keep certain muscles at certain tensions, move each body part in a certain way at a certain speed, and grip the bar in a certain way, to put it as simply as I can.

I think having poor practical skills can be attributed to sedation from meds (me without coffee? LOL good for nothing!) or disorganization symptoms, which are not ones fault.

I’m just the opposite on this account. I don’t consider myself that over the top intelligent compared to others, but I do know math. I have dyslexia so english and writing takes a bit more time for me. But numbers make sense to me. I LIKE geometry and algebra. But being good at figuring the area of a triangle is great if your planning a garden, but it still doesn’t help me cook for myself, do laundry, or get me over my paranoia about kidnappers.

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My oldest brother (8.5 years older than me) supposedly was a genius, tested in high school over 160. He was the president of the chess club among many other things including quarterback of the football team. He taught me chess when I was 9 years so he could practice, but after a few games he stopped because he got mad that I would win.
Sometimes he is too smart for his own good and I used to prank him because it was fun watching him get frustrated because he couldn’t figure things out. I don’t consider myself any smarter than average.
Many things are not automatically known, unless you are taught, and having a super good memory like another brother did who used to tease me because I didn’t know the meanings or spellings to his many long word games he used to invent. Told him just because I didn’t have them memorized, didn’t make me stupid like he called me, because I could just look in our dictionary and figure it out.
Funny both brothers have had much difficulty with the “easy” things like finances, relationships, and just plain thinking they should be entitled to things most people work hard to get.
Intelligence isn’t any good unless you apply it.

i found difficulty doing my shoe laces up at 12 !?!
telling the time, was impossible for me !
but i have a high kindness IQ, it is based on how many nice things you can do and say to other people.
take care


IQ is also the ability to learn. Let’s see if we can teach you something.

Let say A implies B

and B implies C

does A imply C?


what the !?!
i am making a sand castle !
take care

There’re two kinds of smart: book smart and street smart.

People who score high on IQ tests are probably book smart, and people who have practical skills that enable themselves to survive in the modern world are street smart.

Normally, people are born either way, but can learn and strengthen the other later in life.
But some people fall somewhere in the middle.

I used to be a straight A kid, although I scored 128 on the IQ test probably due to cognitive dysfunctions, not really good at practically dealing with things but am learning to do just that. Getting better at it.


There are also different kind of street smart people. Although I can not build any houses or do f.ex. electrical wirings, I became extremely street smart when I lived in my auto over two years in America. I started seeing things others did not necessarily notice. For example, once I met a young Gulf war veteran in Miami Beach and we sat on the beach, by looking into his eyes I saw that something was up and I was glad I was able to make him go away. I believe that not all people who score high in IQ tests are book smarts and not all people who live in the streets are street smarts. It is true that many high IQ people tend to advance in academic areas, while street smarts are good with people.

Ego check? High emotional intelligence is where it is…Though, it is totally possible now to date the internet so whatever works!

Personally, the IQ tests bored the crap out of me but I can learn new software/languages/processes in half time it takes others…

I was raised by unhappy and belligerent father & never heard much that was nice, still don’t unfortunately thanks to the nervous breakdown over PTSD. I try not to measure myself much…

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I bow to you zen master darksith, because I would be more happy with a higher E.Q. then I.Q.

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I always marvel at the people who make the big extravagant sand art.

wow. I always wonder how long it takes to build something like that.


So what is the answer? Does A imply C?

the answer is two apples, my young apprentice !
take care

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