So what did u manage to do today?

I only had a little. Barbecue spare ribs and duck chow mein. It was scrummy! It feels so lazy though ddoesn’t it when u do nothing when there’s so much thatneeds doing. IIt’s like a mental paralysis. U lay there thinking right, I need to do this, this and this and then suddenly it’s 4 hours later and nothing’s been done. I hate it and it makes me so angry with myself when I know I’m capable of so much more. Glad I’m not the only one. Thanx for ur kind words hunni. Xxx

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We picked up my mom and took her to Michaels (an arts and craft store) then to pick up a delicious pizza to eat at her house-both her request. This is the first time out doing something other than the doctors or grocery store. She isn’t able to drive yet, do any heavy lifting or housework since she broke her wrist 5 weeks ago. We have gone to her house every day to help out, cook/bring dinner, clean up.
So different being on this side (caregiver) rather than the one needing help.
Makes me feel good to help.


It’s sunday now, 6:00 a.m on the West coast.

Just had a hard night of a glitch. Bit of a hallucinatory house fire and panic. Grabbed my sister out of her bed and ran outside so we don’t die.

so far I managed not to call the fire department for a fake fire. Managed not to hose my sister down to put out fake flames. Managed to get back in my head and not wake the neighbors by screaming and managed to calm down and realize my sister and I are Ok.

Took a bath and I also made some coffee… that will of course calm me down. :wink:

Later I’ll get out of the pj’s and bathrobe and get some pants on. That just might be my day.

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Not a lot today. Bagged up a duvet to take to the dry cleaners, put a *darks wash on, put a whites wash on, put them on to dry, unloaded the dishwasher. I still have to bring the clean towels upstairs, sort and pair washed socks and underwear and clean the bathroom maybe after max has his bath. So still stuff to do. But for now I think I may watch some documentaries on tv. Don’t mind hearing their voices as I know their not real.

Today has been a good day. I woke up at 4 am and had some good coffee. Played around online for a few hours. Then my friend came over and took me grocery shopping. It was a little busy in the store, but I managed to get all of my items without any panic.

Then my friend and I came home and spent some time talking. It was really nice to have some in person socialization. We’re going to meet up again soon.

I took my dog for 4 walks. And took two 2-mile walks myself. The weather here was sunny and warm, so it felt great to be outside.

All-in-all a great day! :slight_smile:





You are doing an amazing job. Congratulations on getting out so much and getting to the store. I can’t do the store in the day, that’s why I’m there at 11:00 at night.

It’s great to hear that you are getting to see people. You are doing a great job kicking this.
Hoping the best for you always.

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I talked to an old friend who lives in france and I have been on these forums like all day. I have tomorrow off school for MLK day, so I have nothing to do, except workout with an old friend, he has been working out with me regularly. I actually want school to start! I have been out of school for over a month!

i had to buy sleeping tablets…hoping to sleep.
take care


I just went to the grocery store.

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I did manage to put on some pants. :jeans:


I took my morning meds, and fed the cat, also went and got two powerball tickets–one with birthday numbers, and one quick pick.

I walked around a lake and now I’m going to a NAMI meeting.

went back to sleep as i woke at 5am, stayed up to get my son up for school and take him, then slept till two pm. took the dogs to the woods with my daughter, cooked dinner and that’s about it. not a good day or at least not productive anyway. hopefully tomorrow will b better. xxx

4:30 AM- Get ready for work
6:30 AM. :sleeping: Start work
3:00 PM- Got baking pans at Dollar Tree :banana: :banana: :banana:
3:45- The Laundromat
4:40 PM- Arrived home
8:00 PM- Start the banana bread. :banana:

:sleeping: :sleeping:


i slept last night i got nine hours sleep, i feel better.
i have the police coming around today, nothing to do with us, something happened in the house 5 years ago so they are obliged to investigate.
debating whether i stay in the house or leave ! (dark sith do not kill policeman ! )
take care


I went for a jog/walk. I did some reading for school. I vacuumed a bit. I will study more to make up for all my breaks in between.

Walked to the dentist a slightly different route. I liked going that way.

well the cops came, i stayed in the garden and sat in a chair, they left me alone .
i was very proud of myself i managed to keep the anger down.
take care

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Was there a murder in your house? :police_car:

it was a rape that happened five years ago, now it is going to court, nothing to do with us.
but we made them go and get a warrant, i hate people telling me what to do.
take care