So what did u guys have for dinner?

i cooked roast chicken with stuffing, roast spuds, cauliflower with homemade cheese sauce, greens, yorkshires and gravy. not the best diet food but at least i got some vegetables. what are u lot having tonight?


I had a roast chicken last night so trying my hand at a chicken casserole with the left over chicken. Used spinach pasta, tomatoes, onion, cheese and cream of chicken soup. Seasoned with garlic and cilantro. Fingers crossed it turns out :smile:


My Dad dropped off a salmon, so when my brother gets home, he’s going to be pretty happy. I’m thinking something simple like poached with some green beans on the side. I cheated a bit and bought chocolate pudding.


I haven’t had dinner yet, probably gonna have a salad, maybe a sandwich if I’m still hungry later. Tryin’ to cut back on calories!

I was thinking I’d make a stir-fry with vegetables from the garden.

But it’s nearly that time and here I am not doing that.

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Pizza! :slight_smile: 20 characters

I hardly ever cook. I just made a tuna sandwich for dinner. And had a couple of Russell Stover chocolate pieces and called it dinner. Your dinner sounds a whole lot better.

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Thank you. I like to splash out a bit when I’m cooking for my brother.

I haven’t had dinner yet, but it’s going to be pizza.

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I bought a pizza crust from my favorite pizza restaurant called Little Italy. It’s thin, crispy, and buttery.

Then I added some pizza sauce, some sausage, pepperoni, diced ham, Italian blend cheese, then seasoned it with garlic, onion salt, and rosemary.

Baked for 11 minutes, then high broiled it for 2 to get the cheese nice and caramelized.

It came out DELICIOUS! I’ll be having left overs for days lol.




I made a very random pasta dish last night. It might be the same thing for tonight if I can’t motivate myself to do some shopping today.

A bag of Stouffers skillet sensations.

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For all the posts that I liked on the thread, I have two reasons to like them. 1) they are very creative about cooking. 2) They made my mouth water. :smiley: ( I am going to some good restaurant tonight after reading them.)

I am among the persons who likes eating delicious food instead of taking the effort of preparing them. It’s breakfast time here and I am going to make a sandwich filled with boiled eggs and sprinkled some black pepper. Last night I had some red kidney beans in dinner.

So far: Coffee…and a bite of 20 characters…

I am jealous! I know that’s a fresh salmon right?

All I have is some frozen Pinks from Walmart, Lord knows when they were caught…probably last year!

Tonight I had bean burgers, some homemade mayonnaise, fried sunflower seeds, hot chili peppers and a bunch of spices in all that, and a chocolate protein drink.

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I haven’t eaten yet, unless you count coffee, I’ve been reformatting my main computer. I’ll probably make some spaghetti if I feel up to cooking, if not probably a peanut butter sandwich.

usually it’s a frozen dinner, but tonight my girlfriend brought me rotisserie chicken and red potatoes and green beans and a roll.

I just scarfed down three slices of tri-tip roast. In an hour I’m going to make a a dish I’ve never tried before. It’s called “Hungarian Beef” or something like that. It looks easy. The hardest part is chopping up two onions and a bell pepper. The rest is just cooking some hamburger and mixing a few other ingredients and then putting everything together in a big skillet and cooking it.

Big City Red hotdog from the grocery -

It was a success! It came out good.

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