Whats for dinner tonight folks?

i started a diet two days ago and i find myself craving stodgy foods. i fancy a roast dinner but i cant have one as it’s too many calories, unless i eat nothing but raw veg all day with humous…hmmmm maybe i will have a roast afterall what r u guys having?

frozen pizza, pepperoni and sausage.


Tri-tip steak, shrimp dipped in cocktail sauce, non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt and a bowl of non-fat cottage cheese. And a big glass of non-fat milk.


LOL, pizza is coming soon!. We’re getting a delivery from Hell’s Pizza, a pizza joint here in New Zealand.

Even though I’m technically on a diet, I’m spoiling myself with a meat lover’s pizza. My girlfriend will have her own pizza.

On Christmas Day and on or near New Years Day/Eve I will be more liberal with what I eat, so I won’t worry about calories. That’s for after new years day!

btw jaynebeal yummm@ roast. Your body craves REAL food!!! :slight_smile:

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yep, roast chicken, cauliflower cheese, yorkshire puddings, carrots, parsnips, roast spuds and lashings of thick strong gravy…hmmmmmm…nom nom.

And I just got done with brakfast for 12 people heading off to work! You would think I was running a shop!


Tonight we’re going to try a oatmeal made from scratch. Corn muffins were made yesterday by the sis. If the Oatmeal doesn’t work out… it will be the fall back of Salmon Sushi from the sushi place up the hill. (Which I’ll probably eat anyway because I love salmon sushi.)

Today is my splurge day from the gluten free diet, so I’m going to be having pizza! One of my favorites, which I rarely get to eat.



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Home made or bought in? Either one is good.
What do you usually like for toppings?

I’m ordering it from my favorite local pizza place. My favorite toppings are Canadian bacon and black olives!

I get this same pizza once per month on my splurge day. Eating gluten free all the time is kinda boring to the taste buds lol. So this is a nice change!



That sounds really good.
I haven’t tasted bacon or any pork in so long. I’m almost tempted to sneak some pork sometime. My kid sister would have a fit. It’s not religious or for any health reason… She just thinks pigs are cute.

I feel the same way! I rarely eat meat. And when I do, I cannot think about where it came from. It makes me feel guilty and kinda gross

beef, mushroom and guiness pie tonight with spuds, carrots, pease and gravy. only thing is, it takes the beef two hours to cook and then a further 40 mins in the oven for the pastry so we wont b eating till about half 8. more celery and tomatoes to fill me up i think!

Microwave Chicken Dinner. I call these TV dinners Matrix gruel because they’re all the same and I’ve been living off them for 2 years.

A can of beans. That is what I have every evening. :sunny:

beans, that’s what I have every evening too

I’ll be making shrimp linguine this evening. It’s one of those Bertolli dinners. Should be easy and yummy. :slight_smile:

I am going to eat Sosa for breakfast…lol

Baked beans - baked beans -

We are out of food (it is New Years Eve here in New Zealand. Just 9 hours to go until 2014!).

Will probably have to head out and get something at the grocery store. Unsure what we’ll get but I wouldn’t mind some cheese and crackers and wine for tonight.