So uh change of plans

My inlaws got partners little sister another puppy. A female boxer/pit mix. Shes a good dog but for the last three days shes had runny stool. They wanted me to pay for the house taxes, and the vet visit for the puppy. I AM NOT DOING BOTH! I told them they needed to choose because the only reason I was asked to pay house taxes and the vet bill was because they were informed their stimulus will be garnished by 624 dollars.

My partner and I are paying on her car, getting new tires and putting money up to take care of repairs in case something should happens. A new cage for my latest rescue from my inlaws honey the rat. Tons of pet food which will cost some but will last awhile.

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Don’t give these people a dime. If you pay their taxes, you deserve part ownership of the property.


You don’t have to pay either. If you already agreed to pay the taxes, then do, but don’t pay the vet bill. It’s not your responsibility


My partner and I talked about it and since I am doing this they have agreed to my partner using majority of her money to go towards her loans, insurance and other debts

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What about getting your own place?

Why do your partners parents have any say as to where your partners money goes? Or your money for that matter?

Just say no!

Saving, again currently. We are still planning on what to do now that she has a nice car but we thought about moving once her mon and little sister are doing better. Her little sister doesnt want accept any of her doctors calls and I’ve been telling her she needs to take her med. Sorry I know personal information overload

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It seems like they keep getting rid of pets and than getting new ones. And they never take care of the ones they have. You’re getting ripped off @cbbrown.

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