I got a ride for appointment on the first

My mother in law agreed to give me a ride to my appointment on the first. For the reason they don’t want to wait till I’m out to get their money. But whatever I get twenty dollars for caring for their animals on Fridays. Not much but its something.


I’m glad you’re getting a ride. Even if they’re not thrilled about it, it really helps you so that’s great. I’m also happy you’re getting $20! :slight_smile:

I think they realized how much work it is when on Sunday I went out and picked up dog poop after the snow melted and had filled three plastic bags full.

Wow! That is a lot!

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Well its four dogs three of them my inlaws dogs and the only male dog belongs to the guest.

That’ll do it. Are they big dogs?

One shih Tzu, one beagle lab mix, Boston terrier mix and a lab mix puppy


a ray of light in a dark cloud…I’ll take what I can get as far as good news for you @cbbrown


I pay my son $20 a month to take our dogs outside and clean up after them. We have two.

I am glad you have a ride and some money. Every little bit counts.


I’m also taking care of their cats, rabbit, bird and bearded dragon. I tried to get the guests oldest son who’s 20 to help take out the trash but he said no

Something is something and if you put that $20 aside it may eveiadc up to more.

It can feel nice for you to have that as a responsibility with animals I think you li d and care about snd who you enjoy spending time with so it could be some extra pocket mo he flr something you enjoy doing.

Good wishes to you .:blush:

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