So today was a bit of a fail


max woke up with a migraine so didn’t get into school till nearly 12pm…which left me unable to start cooking because i was busy looking after him. never mind. i went and got my ingredients for some of it after dropping him off. then we did housework instead of cooking. so loaded the dishwasher 3 times, changed my bed, so nice clean sheets, washed a load of towels, tidied the bathroom, swept, tidied and mopped the lounge, cleared the kitchen table, put the washed and ironed bed linen away. note that i had help to do all this. i still have to put the ironing away, empty the drier, sort the clothes into relevant piles, put the towels on to dry and cook a chilli and max’s dinner…then i can relax. so i guess it was only a fail on the cooking front. the cleaning was a success all round. go us! i will cook tomorrow i think.


Getting all that done…I’d hardly say it was a fail day. :smiley:


I did that yesterday then my mum and sis came over today and messed all back up again its never ending!


Jayne, you’re a dynamo. Compared to me you are a hurricane.


I fell down a hill

Had a big mac which gave me the shits now I’ve got a headache

Its been a ■■■■ day really

Only thing keeping me going today was this site


Ouch! . . . . .


i got tired just reading everything you got done!!! good for you…


Way to go Jayne!
Chili sounds good…