Did a bit more

did two loads of dishwashing, two loads of laundry washed and dried, sorted and paired a massive basket pf socks and underwear and put away, put the bed linen away, cleared max’s room, put the laundered towels away. that’s it so far. still have to clean the kitchen, take choop choop to the woods, cook dinner and mow the lawn if it stays dry. don’t know if i’ll achieve all of it but it’s ok if i don’t. little by little. one thing at a time i think. happier bealie! :slight_smile:


Are you “lilacs”? I read that you mentioned “max”.

no plumber, Jayne lives in England. Good for you Jayne, wow !!

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Thank you for telling me that.

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i mowed the lawn, put another wash on and now i’m going to cook pancakes for maximillian. he can put them in the microwave when he gets in from football. didn’t take choop choop to the woods though…never mind. then i’m gonna have a nice hot shower and go to bed…can’t wait…soooo tired…but in a good way :slight_smile:


You are inspiring me to sweep the house - eventually I will get around to it, and changing the bed linen!

come on saadiqah, you can do it!! xxxx

made the pancakes…now for the dried laundry…bealie is on a roll!!

emptied the dryer, folded max’s clothes…now for a quick coffee then to dry the towels and that’s me done for the day…and the best part is, i did it all on my own as i postponed mum till tomorrow. i’m gonna clean the kitchen b4 she gets here tomorrow so it looks like i’ve done something. she was very pleased with my efforts today…feeling good :slight_smile:


Come visit my place, there’s loads of stuff that needs done here. I’ve got cookies! :cookie:


Jane, you put me to shame. It sounds like you are getting better.

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yeah but r they warm gooey cookies? can’t work for anything less than a warm gooey cookie! :slight_smile:

not counting my chickens just yet crimby. still gonna lower the haldol this month…coz i can’t spend my life on the bed. i want to be a doing things person. wish me luck! xxx

Well, they’re chewy chocolate chip and I do have a microwave. Heck, I’ll go buy the warmest, gooiest, cookies around if it’ll mean something gets done around here. hehe

i’m on my way! :slight_smile: :car:

One of my nieces is a workaholic. She really works hard at anything she does. She’s come over and helped clean my apartment a few times. Even just having her here as inspiration helps me get to work. Just like reading your posts helps inspire me to get out of the chair and do something.


i’m the same when my mum comes over. she’s a doing things person, no matter what she just gets on with it. ,y brother married the same type of woman. i’m glad my little jobs are inspiring u to do something hunni. i want a full report, even if it’s just one little thing uv been putting off doing. bcoz that one little thing leads onto the next little thing. the feeling of achieving something, however small pleases me no end. my house still looks like a tip but i’m working on it, one little step at a time. i may even clean the kitchen tonight if i have the energy. then i can go to bed happy that at least one room is clean and tidy. go on, get off ur arse and let me know what uv done :slight_smile:

I haven’t really done anything today. Trying to keep up the clutter after the maids came yesterday. Trying to avoid the - for me - herculean feat of putting the place in order before they come again in 2 weeks.

I have to say that everything you do must have a huge grounding effect on you - and if you don’t do it - who will?

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exactly right pob, who will? i am a parent first and foremost and i don’t want my kids living in a ■■■■ pit. i find it very hard to tidy up but i force myself half of the time and when i can’t do it my beautiful mother comes over and does it for me. i get so angry when i can’t look after the house…it depresses me no end. normal people don’t live like this and i hate it. u know it’s almost as if i’m not “allowed” to be normal? i don’t know if that makes any sense but sometimes it’s like i’m glued to this bloody bed and even though i see the mess all around me it’s like i’m not “allowed” to touch it…which is an odd feeling to say the least. i guess that’s why it makes me so happy when i do do things around the house. my mum is coming today to help me out so that’s good. for me it’s a herculean feat too hunni. so i know how u feel. xxx


It’s taken me two days already. Yesterday I got the dirt ready. Today I walked to town + got a pot. Tomorrow I hope to finish repotting my plant. Wrote a haiku on the way home -