I actually moved off of the bed today


i got my stinking carcass into the shower, went and got a new tyre for my car, did the food shopping, took a prescription in, cooked chicken breast in a garlic, tarragon and cream sauce, battered saute spuds, greens and peas and took chubba choop choop to the woods. the house is still a tip but mum is coming tomorrow to help me clean it and we’re going to make some food to freeze too. not too bad a day afterall :slight_smile:


You have accomplished far more than I did today then!


there’s always tomorrow hunni xxx


way to go Jayne!! I went to the grocery store today and I only shower about every 3 days so don’t feel bad. The only heigine I do every day is brush and floss.


I enjoy reading about the things you’ve been able to do during the day. It makes me feel like I can get off my butt and accomplish something as well. Last night I washed clothes and today I went out and got some food and visited my doctor.


You do a lot more than I ever do. If I were you I wouldn’t feel guilty about asking the kids to chip in and do some cleaning.


that meal mmm lucky kids food is everything to kids remember when you were a kid beans on toast and then you realised THEYVE GOT BABY SAUSAGES IN THEM! wow


Jayne is an inspiring figure in terms of make daily accomplishment . So much work was done in a day is incredibly productive. Keep it up and take care, sweetheart !


Wow, that’s much more than I can say for me - I planned to sweep the house since four days ago and still haven’t gotten around to actually doing it! The only thing I can do is cook and wash dishes.


Way to go! You have done a lot today. More then me.


You are amazing… how lucky to have a nice woods by your house.

Yesterday I had the day off, hung around the house, looked after my kid sis who is nursing some minor injuries… and is not supposed to walk around on her injured flipper.

I’m a little proud of myself… the old me would have no problem what so ever with duct taping my sis to the bed to make her stay off her foot. That would seem like the more logical thing to do. The idea crossed my mind a lot and I was trying to weigh the pros and cons of this idea.

This time… I didn’t do it. I just offered to get her stuff and hang out around home. Her foot looks better and she says it doesn’t hurt like it did yesterday.


i think ur pretty amazing too. u have a job and school which r things i can only dream of at the moment. i’ll get there eventually…can’t keep this bitch down for long lol. well done for not taping riley to the bed lol. xxx