So tired searching for cure in Google...!

Every day i spent more than hour searching for cure of SZ…If i get beautiful articles about i read it…!!!
I hope research is on going for it…!!!
I have big dream some day cure will dont have fixed date for it…!!!
Guys what are ur dreams …i am neither pessimist nor optimist …
so soory its a bit bitter…god bless all of us…!!!


@far_cry0, you need to accept the fact that there isn’t a cure. When there is, if there is one, we will know about it here, for sure. In the meanwhile deal with what you have going for you, good and bad. You’re a good guy with a lot to give, obsessing about a cure isn’t going to lead you anywhere but disappointment, my friend.


Forget cure focus your mind on “recovery”

Two very different things.

There is no cure!

Recovery is possible though!


I have no doubt in my mind this guy would have been the first person to find the cure to schizophrenia - if he had schizophrenia when he did this…


I searched Google for “dream For Me” just a got a song, damn Google failing us all :frowning:


The best cure can be your attitude towards your current symptoms and just learn to work with it


But to some extent, It probably is the only way to be cured… coz based on my own experience; I use to fast over extended periods… 7 days, 14 days… my latest, just last week was 4 days no food… and the results of all that show every time I go outside - walked to the mall earlier today and I realized I wasn’t bothered by any of the schizophrenia stuff- I wasn’t paranoid or hearing random people saying schizo stuff when I walk past them… heck, I didn’t even have any music playing and I was voice free - was alone, no voices or messed thoughts - but I was conscious about the voices (was trying not to hear any) aka, what david blaine did is probably my only hope to be voice free

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I don’t find fasting to be helpful…you need food…I have forgotten to eat for several days and found it to worsen my symptoms…much like not sleeping…

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I’m documenting my recovery progress on a certain regimen here, and it has been just about a month since I started. Feel great, can read easily without internal voices, and I can listen to talk radio at the same while filtering out the talk show chatter. I can go places without intrusive thoughts or worry that people can read my thoughts or whatever. Only complaint is a mild pressure in my head that is going away gradually.

Too early to call it a cure, and things might go south for no known reason, but it all seems pretty promising.

I’m not selling anything with it, the regimen is all readily available stuff.


“It’s not what happens to you that matters, but how you endure it”


Like Minnii said, you don’t have to spend your time looking fur a cure. If a cure happens, it will find you. There’s nothing wrong with optimism and hope but just don’t over-do it. The blunt truth is that there may never be a cure for schizophrenia. It doesn’t mean to give up your hope and optimism for a good life. Just live your life the best you can and play the cards you were dealt the best you can.


I’m trying all I can to recover and some days I feel like giving up then realise how far I came and how far I will continue to go, hang in there buddy (y)


do you mean CBT