My brother just sent me a link about the "cure" for scizophrenua

It is frustrating to me that my family still thinks there is a cure and its nothing more than a simple vitamin deficiency. News flash, I take a vitamin b complex. Nothing can get rid of the already established thought patterns and memories we all have. Even while I was taking my antipsychotics I still had problems with my thoughts. No hallucinations but I told my Dr, the hallucinations I can deal with, its the memories that I can’t shake. He didn’t seem to understand that I still have vivid memories of everything and that no pill can erase that. I was still ‘delusional’ on my antipsychotics as well to which his response was let’s try this. I can’t even remember how many different ones I’ve been on. Anyway I am frustrated.
Any thoughts on this cure? Anybody else have people in their lives that belittle their sz? And finally am I being over dramatic?

i can help you lessen the audio and visual attacks, the memories i would suggest talking them out and maybe you might find something that will change your thoughts on those memories.

has he got a link to the cure for cancer as well ?
you have every reason to be slightly annoyed i would be.
but unfortunately our families are imperfect and the best thing is to forgive them for their ignorance.
as some one wise wrote ,
" we are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid ! "
take care

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I have thought battles. I ponder on a few questions like I was trapped inside my past. They are complex to me. I wanted to understand why. I wanted to know if it is a problem of my poor judgment. If it is my own wrong doings like some of the important person in my life trying to convey to me. I wanted to know what i can still do. I wanted other persons to validate and told me their perspective. I often feel that i dont have a choice. They are inevitably happening to me. They tortured me and i kept returning to similar questions. I feel that I’m getting into a state of craziness that is neither delusion or voices related. I dont have these symptoms. I’m not a paranoid person either. Probably this is the reason I got the diagnosis rather late and no one believe I’m getting this for a long time. There is something not related to the symptoms in the DSM IV that are torturing me. They are the real torture.

People gave me their answers. It doesn’t end my thoughts and questionings, probably because these are not my own answers. I was finally able to get out of this when my old friend put me into a job and I need to live a life. Things are happening to me, I get to feel what it is like some one who loves you would do. I think medications and diet aren’t my solutions. I feel terrible too my mother still expects me to live a perfect life again and for everything she just resorts to more meds.

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nope, youre right. It’s ■■■■■■■■ how some people are just like “theres medicine for it”. Yeah, medicine which can cause side effects like sudden death by messing with the electrical activity of your heart, give you diabetes, make you gain 100lbs or have extreme restless leg syndrome, just to name a few. Oh, and half of the time, the meds just cause side effects and dont work.

Ive heard stories about people trying every med out there and not having any luck, just to get diabetes or become obese or even get tardive dyskinesia.

There is no cure. Most people in remission take multiple medications and had to tamper with them for a while. I am one of those people, luckily.

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Yeah! I finally was like ok, so I’m up thirty pounds now and u still have no idea which med I need? And the one that works makes my hormones so jacked up it made me sore because I now produce BREASTMILK and have periods a month late?!!?!?!? And they don’t tell you that will continue months after stopping the medication. I couldn’t handle that and finally made the decision to quit. Also having thoughts that antipsychotics were made by bad people out to make money and study my progress without consent helped with that choice.

every thing changes as time goes by. even the brain structure changes with time it renews its self, new brain cells grow new chemicals develop too, the body changes too with time every thing renews it’s self. so the cure can happen with in time for many

Pedro27, I appreciate the positive attitude you have but I have to say there is no cure for the disease of schizophrenia just like most of the cancers. You might be the lucky one who can get rid of SZ because the natural recovery you brain has but this is not the result of medication.

Green6. every thing changes with time we all evol. it is not impossible to recover . the brain stucture changes in all people it renews its self, the cure happens for 1 third of people who have experinced mental illness.

I was in the Philippines during the first days of my illness, and my family brought me to a blind witchdoctor. He made me drink this horrible tasting oil, didn’t know what it was it didn’t do nothing for me. Pharma isn’t aiming for a cure, just out for the temporary fix. Not to say the cure isn’t out there. But I’m lucky I take seroquel and my weight is stable that is best as it gets for me. Imagine if you didn’t need any meds to be balanced, stable… That would be the cure.

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