How close are we to coming out with a cure for sz

How close are we to coming out with a cure for sz. Has any one heard of any brake thoughts or stories? Please any thing would help.

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There is no cure.

Learn to cope with it. Distract yourself. Do something.

Adapt or die.

I dont mean to be rude, but the more you search for answers, the more problems you’ll encounter.

I dont think theres a cure and if there is it wont be public because they need to make their precious money on us being sick.

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Well, I think I was told that mine was caused by the norovirus. The pills should come out in 1-2 years. Japan has an injection they are working on. Not sure when or if it will work or if as well as it is a different form.

I guess it’s a psychotic delusion, but I feel like I got a visit and they told me. I felt half asleep or psychotic at the time. I’m getting delusions from energy drinks as I drink way too many. Sometimes, I think someone from the government told me. Maybe it was in a dream or wasn’t real. I just dont know. I hope to be alive and have a long life after i take the cure/vaccine.

I have no clue what causes schizophrenia. If it ain’t the norovirus, then I guess I’m screwed anyways and will have to adapt or die like they say. I have to recover. I hope to get off vraylar and take clozaril, which is the best med for schizophrenia. Maybe add an ADHD med to it or try something else like risperdal and adderall. Whatever is better and safer. I want to get better and want to be a somebody someday, not just a statistic. Hence why I want to push myself to get better and recover.

I still hope to recover myself with stress management and diet. I am not sz case though my case is psychotic disorder.
Time will tell if I’m in remission or not. I’m coming off meds next Feb if voices don’t come back by then.

I often wonder if our suffering is paying for the cure for future generations. I believe in progressively better treatments.


There is no cure as healing from a broken arm. Memories stay.

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