So the guy Im talking to at the moment is on Duloxetine, the antidepressant, he is a gun owner and is taking out a case against his employer for injury. Are these red flags?

It kind of scares me a little as much as I try to be non prejudiced. Which is ironic from the schizophrenic. The gun owning scares me…

What kind of gun? Pistol , rifle , shotgun?

Nah, I wouldn’t say it’s a red flag. However, it would be a red flag if he bought a gun after he lost his case against the employer. Be friendly to him, that might make you feel safer.

(I was always the nicest to the boys in my school who got picked on and could very well snap and shootout the school, never happened but I like being safe rather then sorry)

Do you live in America? To be honest I am so so so so so SO glad that I’m here in Canada where it’s quite difficult to get a gun, you need to pass a course and if the teacher gets a bad vibe from you he can just not let you get a gun, no matter how good you did in the class. Not as easy as just going to a store and buying one. Maybe that’s why we don’t really have an issue with mass shootings here.

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I’d say it depends on the seriousness of the injury.

The meds and the gun wouldn’t be an issue for me,

But if I felt like he was the type that just doesn’t want to work and is trying to sue someone because of an iffy injury,

That would be a deal breaker.

I’m not sure. He kills vermin and the like and scares the crows from nesting…

I’m from Ireland so we really don’t have a gun culture here. So it is extra unusual.

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I agree with @anon54386108. A lot of people take antidepressants, just like a lot of people in the U.S. own guns, but the court case? Yeah, depends on how legitimate his case is, or if he’s just trying to score some money so he doesn’t have to work.

Edit: just saw you live in Ireland, not the U.S. Maybe the gun thing is different then.

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Yeah he says he has a permanent tremor in his left hand. And is dealing with ongoing depression. He says he goes off the walls when off his meds and can take to the drink. He is 6’'4 furthermore.

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You gotta make the call.

But if you’re asking internet friends this question,

You have doubts,

And that might be enough to hold back a little.

Maybe get to know him better and see.

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I feel like every time I see him I am thinking ‘’ I hope he didn’t bring the gun’’ lol. ‘‘I hope I didn’t say the wrong thing’’…

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Then dump him.

If its an issue for you,

Its enough to end it.

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Those are red flags if they bother you. When I was looking for someone it was important to me that he be as issue-free as possible. I have enough issues of my own.
I would see those things as red flags, and the fact that you brought them up makes me think you do too. You’re not looking to save someone, unless you are, and it’s not being too picky to know you need someone who can be stable for you, not caught up in his own issues.
But that’s just me.

Sounds like a bb gun, I wouldn’t worry about that

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