So scared that my dad would give me a punch or hit me up

I must take the pain if I were to grow up,he is just too angry and disappointed with me,we are both angry,but he always win,I lose,I want him to beat me up hopefully

If he doesn’t do It,nothing will happen,if he do it something will happen,he’s got so much anger inside him now

I think a father is the most negative factor in a child’s life.

For you maybe chordy but not all of us.

@Mobc1990 You’ve been bouncing up and down the last few weeks. So have to ask what’s really going on your end?

My step-dads father used to beat him severely as a child. When my step-dad got into high school he filled out. Got a little stronger.
One day his father came up to him for his usual beating for being late to dinner or something and my step-dad didn’t back down. He told his dad that if he ever touched him again he would knock him on his ass. His father never laid hands on him again. His father was actually a semi-famous psychologist. He psychologically examined a famous U.S. mass murderer to see if he was fit for trial. I can’t tell you the murderers name to protect my families anonymity. name but it was a HUGE, well-known case many years ago.
I don’t want anyone to beat me up, but I understand where you’re coming from.

I am going through changes,my father is just angry with me

Are you trying to say I am having mood swing by saying that I am bouncing up and down??i don’t wanna do changes anymore,infact i might want to stop sodium valporate,might be causing my unstable mood

He never beaten up,never touch me in the past ten years,I thought I need to keep a distance with him so that our anger wouldn’t lead to us fighting

Yeah, family fights aren’t good. If you want to fight someone, walk into any bar and start insulting people.

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Hahaha bro,good suggestion -.-"

Why is your father angry with you? What changes are you going through btw?

Good luck…

My father is angry with me cause I look tired and unmotivated,that’s why I need a change to get rid of all these,lifestyle changes like environmental changes

I am also sick of relating everything I do to mental illness,I would rather put it to personality because mental illness and their definition or reason doesn’t solve problem in the world in fact it keeps you worry

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Hmm was about your age I started seriously thinking of moving out. Best move I ever made when I did and somewhat for the same reasons. It’s amazing how much you do grow when you’re out on your own.


Well, I am afraid of my parents in some ways because I currently have no income temporarily, made a bad financial decision so maybe i am in a similar situation. Seems like mental treatment should include some access to housing or shelter but i guess stigma prevents that.

Is many where I am.

there is group housing in my area but awkward to get into unless you went to the right hospital which i didn’t, sorry if i want of topic