Hostile Behavior

I scared my whole family because I was so mad at my dad trying to lie to my mom about what was said. My dad never truly cared because he always defended his side of the family. Anyway he threatened me while he was on the phone with his cousin. I had swords in my room so I took one of them and threatened him with it. He engaged. We both did. Luckily I put the sword down beforehand. He threatened to call the police. I told him to do so. He learned the hard way that I don’t take kindly to those who lie on me. Now that it’s a new year I’m going to stay to myself and keep away from him because I don’t want to kill him. If he pushes me again I won’t be sure if I can hold back the anger. You guys don’t have to respond but I felt like telling someone.


I think that this kind of behavior is really, really dangerous. You need to see a pdoc and either get on medication or have medication adjusted. Have you ever considered family therapy? It sounds like it might be a good idea to be able to hash out some of your issues in a safe environment with a neutral third part overseeing things.


Time to move out and be separate from your dad.


We don’t want to read about you on the news.

The world is full of liars. Getting angry about it doesn’t change it. Getting violent about it just makes their lies pale in comparison to your violence.

If you’re having a hard time resisting impulse like that, consider giving up your swords for awhile. Put them in storage or have a friend hold them.


it sounds like there was not so nice stuff said bout mom. If you never had in-laws before, sometimes it is best to not repeat nasty things people say about each other.

It is possible Dad was trying to keep peace between his wife and his family? I certainly dont know anything about the situation.

If your in usa the last thing we ever want to do is have mental health problems and record of violence/assult. That combo is never good.

Let parents settle their own problems by themselves. Doing what you have done is a good way to get involuntary hospital admission.(or worse, jail)


Threatening someone with a weapon is absolutely not the way to go. If you are having these thoughts and are acting on them, you probably need help; maybe new medication, possibly even hospitalization. Try and distance yourself from your father as soon as possible. Violence is never the answer. If you feel your life or someone in your family’s (like yours or your mother’s) life is in danger by what your father says, then you should call the police. Do not, under any circumstance, think you are justified in using violence - especially violence with a weapon - to solve a problem. That is psychotic thinking and might lead you down a road that you can never return from.

Listen to what the people on here are saying. Go see a psychiatrist (with your mother?), tell him/her you are having violent thoughts and may end up hurting someone (your father) because he is allegedly threatening you. Maybe new medication can help. If you are still having these thoughts after your medication is adjusted, best thing you can do is find a way to move out and away from your father. If you’ve moved out and still have these violent thoughts, hospitalization may be your best choice.

Hope that isn’t too crass; I don’t know what was said or what started the whole ordeal. Either way if you handled it by grabbing a sword and threatening someone, you are in the wrong. If you hear your dad making threats, call the police - don’t take action into your own hands.

Good luck and I hope you find some peace soon. It sounds like you are in a very bad environment and need to get out of it ASAP.


I never met a person who never lied. I, also never met a person who brought out a weapon. You need help, I think you know that and why you posted this.

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Yeah not a good move! Confrontation should be avoided. Ending up in prison isn’t a good thing for anyone and you need to keep that anger in check!

Avoiding him sounds the way to go.


If you kill him he wins. You need to control your anger it won’t get you anywhere good. I know that what he did was wrong and slighted you, but as the saying goes 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

I struggled with my anger for many years it’s poison. I hope you can find some peace. Stay safe.

Uhhh, this makes no sense. :confused:


When I say “if you kill him he wins” I mean You go to jail and any lies he spread will be considered true. Also yeah he’ll be dead but you’ll be in jail and then you gotta live with the fact that because of him and how you reacted to him your life is ruined permanently.

Also I guarantee it’s not gonna solve anything

Basically though my main points are murder is wrong don’t murder people. and anger management sounds like something op should really consider. Cause again murder is really bad.

Dead trumps jail in terms of losing outcomes.


That is really horrid.

I am sorry for you and your father.

Threatening your father does not sound ok to me.

That is not ok.

I had paranoia against all of my family torturing me but not once did I threaten them or think about killing them.

At worst I thought of breaking contact with them.

I wish you to be good to your father and appreciate him.

No matter how bad I believe it is forgivable and people can change and improve themselves and people do wrongs sometimes and even say awful things they do not mean.

I do not know your father but I think he deserves better than to be threatened with a sword to kill him.

Does he help you?

Why do you keep contact with him if you are so hostile towards him?

If you were sick maybe he would be there for you.

I do not know you or your father but I think your behaviour and response is bad and not ok.

Talk to your dr about it.

Can you live independently?

Yourfather May love you unconditionally but he should not accept that type of behaviour from you.

It is not cool!

One day you may hopefully see things differently.

I think you need to tell a professional and get help ASAP.

You may have huge regrets one day.

I hope you will feel more peaceful and have better behaviour.

Not saying it is ok to accept bad behaviour but there are other ways to go.

I hope your father does the right thing for you and him whatever that be.

If you can not stand it then avoid him for s while and maybe try supported living with professional staff 24/7.
And medication.

And he still chooses to havecontact with you…

Unconditional love yeah but that does not mean accepting such behaviour or thinking it is cool…

Would you want to be around someone who threatened to kill you?

Maybe …

Anyway I do not know you or what the drama was about but I do not think it is ok to threaten to kill your father no matter how horrid he is in his behaviour.

You could want to put him in jail if it is illegal.

Good wishes for you and your father whether you improve relationship or go separate ways.

I pray forgiveness for my wrongdoings when I had paranoia and delusions about my family and others.

The only relief that period that was worse was either sleep (needed sleeping tablet back then) or being blind drunk which made me bad as I am a horocious bad drunk so I nolonger drink alcohol.

Again I do not know what your father did to you or if it was a delusion.

I pray for his safety and your peace and your relationship if it improves or if you need some distance.

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I’m just saying stuff from my own experience with anger. I’m not going to go into to much detail but the thing is when your angry enough to consider something like that its hard to consider the person the rage is directed towards.

Obviously being dead is worse. But the thing is you have to live with the fact that you did that. There is no version where the murderer is the winner or the good guy EVER

And that’s because it’s a horrible thing to do. A horrible thing to consider. No matter how terrible the person may be murder or assault or anything else like that is the wrong way.

If anything op should just ignore the lies as best as possible and just work towards proving that they aren’t like what their father said.

I’ve had people lie about me before and it took a long time to work through all the stigma and preconceived notions about me. It was hard living like that. But I worked hard to prove them wrong.

threats are never going to fix anything. Obviously murder is not going to fix anything.

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DO you want people to be scared of you?

Does that make you feel powerful and cool?

You want to scare your family?

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